Halloween Baby Names

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Halloween is a very popular holiday. And whether you celebrate with ghosts and goblins or a less scary version, you may consider choosing a Halloween inspired baby name for baby's born on or near Halloween. Here are the top picks for Halloween related baby names by category:

Baby Names for Girls

  1. Rosemary - Latin name meaning dew of the sea. From the horror movie, Rosemary's Baby.
  2. Cybil - Greek for prophetess
  1. Carrie - Feminine form of Caroline. Of Stephen King's novel fame.
  2. Beatrix (Trixie or Bellatrix) - Latin for voyager, think Harry Potter
  3. Hazel - English for for tree, common witch name
  4. Morgana - From Old Welsh, Morcant (male name)
  5. Rhiannon - Celtic for great queen
  6. Sabrina - Welsh name for the river Severn
  7. Samantha - English form of Samuel. Of Bewitched fame, an old television show.
  8. Autumn - From the Latin autumnus for the season.
  9. Wendy - Probably related to the Welsh Gwen, meaning white. Was Casper the Ghost's witch friend.
  10. Cruella - Villain from Walt Disney's 101 Dalmations.
  11. Morticia - Mother from The Addams Family.
  12. Brunhilda - Common witch name.

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Baby Names for Boys

  1. Freddy - English form of peaceful ruler. Freddy Kruger was a horror movie character.
  2. Herman - German for army man. Made famous by Herman Munster.
  3. Igor - Probably from the Old Norse for bow and warrior. Often used as a name for an assistant in the mad scientist's lab.
  1. Charles (Chucky) - Germanic for man. Chucky was the name of an evil doll in a horror movie.
  2. Damian - From the Greek to tame. Famous horror movie character.
  3. Frank - From the Germanic tribe, the Franks. As in Frankenstein.
  4. Vlad - From the Slavic to rule. Name of the inspiration for Count Dracula.
  5. Jack - Diminutive of John. As in Jack-o-latern.
  1. Casper - Dutch form of Jasper. As in Casper the friendly Ghost.
  2. Forrest - English surname.
  3. Jason - From the Greek to heal. Name of a horror character.

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When choosing a Halloween baby name, you have to decide you want to be subtle about your choice of baby name or if you want the world to know that you have chosen a name that screams Halloween. An example from my friends: I know a woman who named her daughter Samara. I had never heard this name, but thought it was a lovely name. I asked her where she had heard the girl's name and what it meant. I was shocked when she replied it was the name she heard in a horror movie and didn't know what it meant. It wasn't really that the name came from a horror movie, but that she chose it because of that fact that startled me. I consider myself an open minded person when it comes to baby names, but maybe I'm not as open as I had thought.

The few people who I know were born on Halloween have fairly standard names. There are no meanings whatsoever in the names that they were given. This doesn't stop them from enjoying a Halloween birthday. You can also look to some of the less horror based genre and more of a romantic horror film, yes there is such a thing.

You can also troll around your favorite scary movies for names of characters that you weren't thinking about immediately.

You could also always go for the more autumn feel and name your baby something like Pumpkin, or something that makes you think of fall or something.

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