Halloween Candy Carbohydrate Counts for People with Diabetes

Be Prepared for Halloween

Various chocolate bars
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Halloween is a holiday that can conjure up memories of gobbling up buckets of delicious sweets with abandon in one night. Unfortunately candy and diabetes don't go too well together. However, it can be possible to enjoy some treats without out-of-control blood sugar levels as a consequence. With knowledge and planning just about any diabetes challenge can be overcome, including how to deal with a sweet tooth.

Enjoying smaller portions over a longer period of time extends the holiday enjoyment without guilt or repercussions.Thankfully most candies come in mini, snack and fun sizes and are all popular on Halloween. Because most do not have packages big enough to list nutrition information, here is a list of candy and their carbohydrate counts to make things easier for you. Learn the general carb counts for fun-size candy to stay in control. 

Refer to the product bag for a more reliable count if you happen to have it handy. Remember: Many products may be sold with more than one portion size being labeled "fun," "mini" or "snack." For example, in the list below, you will see 100 Grand listed with two fun sizes, and one is about double the actual size.

When possible aim to avoid purely sugary treats, such as jellies or gummy candy. Find out the 4 Worst Halloween Candies for Diabetes 

Halloween Treat Carbohydrate Counts

NameSize, Weight or PortionCarbs in Grams
3 MusketeersFun size (15g)12
3 MusketeersBar (2.13 oz)46
3 MusketeersMini4.4
100 GrandFun size (11g)8
100 GrandFun size (21g)15
Air HeadsMini11
Almond JoySnack size (15g)10
Almond JoyMini8
Atomic FireballsOne piece9
Baby RuthBar (2 oz)37
Baby RuthFun size (18g)13
Bit-O-HoneySix pieces38
Blow PopRegular or junior14
Blow PopSuper size34
Bottle CapsTen pieces14
Brach's Cinnamon Hard CandyOne piece6
Bubble YumOne piece6
ButterfingerBar (2 oz)41
ButterfingerBite size (7g)5
ButterfingerFun size (18g)14
ButterfingerFun size (21g)15
Candy cornFifteen pieces15
DotsTwelve pieces35
Double Bubble GumOne piece5
Dove Milk Chocolate PromisesOne piece (8g)6
Dum Dum suckersOne piece7
Fruit by the FootRoll17
Fruit Roll UpRoll12
Gummy BearsEleven pieces30
Lifesavers Gummi SaversOne roll (two rolls per ounce)13
Heath BarBar (1.4 oz)25
Hershey's Almond BarMiniature bar5
Hershey's Almond BarBar (1.45 oz)20
Hershey's Candy Corn KissesOne piece3
Hershey's KissesOne piece8
Hershey's Kisses with AlmondsOne piece2
Hershey's Milk Chocolate BarFun size (14g)8
Hershey's Miniature Bars (mixed)Miniature bar5 (on average)
Hershey's NuggetOne piece6
Hershey's Peanut Butter KissesNine pieces21
Hershey's Special DarkMiniature bar5
Hot TamalesSmall pack (14g)12
Jolly RancherOne piece6
Jolly Rancher LollipopsOne piece16
Jolly Rancher Candy SticksOne piece (11g)10
Junior MintsFun size (10g)12
Kit KatFun size (14g)10
Kit KatBar (1.5 oz)26
Kit KatMini5.6
KrackelMiniature bar5
LicoriceThree 6-inch pieces15
LemonheadsTen pieces14
M&Ms, plainTen pieces5
M&Ms, plainHalloween mini box10
M&Ms, plainFun size (18g)12
M&Ms, plainMini pack15
M&Ms, plainBag (1.69 oz)34
M&M, peanutSix pieces7.5
M&Ms, peanutFun size (18g)11
M&Ms, peanutMini pack13
M&Ms, peanutBag (1.74 oz)30
M&Ms, peanut butterBag (1.69 oz)27
Mike and IkeSmall box (14g)12
Milk DudsSnack size (12g)9
Milky WayBar (2.15 oz)43
Milky WayFun size (17g)12
Milky WayMini6
MoundsSnack size (17g)10
Mr. GoodbarMiniature bar4
Mr. GoodbarSnack size (17g)9
NerdsSmall box (13g)14
Nestle's CrunchFun size (10g)7
Nestle's CrunchBar (1.5 oz)28
Nestle's CrunchMiniature bar7
Pay DaySnack size (19g)10
Reese's Crispy Crunchy BarSnack size (17g)9
Reese's Nutrageous BarsSnack size (17g)9
Reese's Peanut Butter CupsTwo regular pieces18
Reese's Peanut Butter CupsMini (9g)5
Reese's Peanut Butter CupsSnack size (17g)10
Reese's Peanut Butter CupsSnack size (21g)12
Reese's Peanut Butter PumpkinsOne piece (34g)17
Reeses's White Peanut Butter CupsOne piece (21g)11
SkittlesFifteen pieces15
SkittlesMini pack (20g)17.5
SmartiesOne roll6
SnickersFun size (17g)10
SnickersBar (2.07 oz)36
SnickersFun size (17g)10
Snickers Almond BarsFun size11
Starburst (two pieces per stick)Fun size10
Swedish FishPack (17g)16
Sweet Tarts mini packsFive packs13
Tootsie PopOne piece16
Tootsie RollsOne piece (14g)10
Tootsie Roll midgeeOne piece7
Tootsie Roll mini-midgeeOne piece2
TwixTwo cookies37
TwixFun size10
TwixSnack size (10g)7
TwizzlersOne piece (10g)8
TwizzlersMini (14g)11
WarheadsFive pieces13
WhoppersEight pieces15
WhoppersSmall tube5
WhoppersSmall pouch (21 g)16
Wonka Pixie Stix (6 inches)One piece2
York Peppermint PattySmall patty (14g)11

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