Halloween Costumes Gifted Kids Will Love

Tired of the run-of-the-mill Halloween costumes? Do your kids find them less than inspiring? Why not create your own costumes based on the kind of word play gifted kids love? English idioms are a wonderful source of outfits based on word play. Here are five ideas to get you started.

Be All Ears

Dorling Kindersley/ Dorling Kindersley/ Getty Images
This one is an easy one and could be done at the last minute if necessary. It takes little more than black pants and a black shirt, although some girls might prefer black tights and a black leotard. The only other requirement is some plastic ears that can be pinned on to the shirt and pants. You can use as many ears as you like, but the more the better! When someone asks your child, "And what are you?" She can answer, "I'm all ears!"

If you have run out of time and need the costume in a hurry, you can use black pants and shirt if you have them; otherwise, any clothes will work. Then all you need is some paper on which to draw some ears. Cut them out and pin them to the clothes.

Dead Ringer

This is another relatively easy costume to create. If you want to do it fast and easy, buy a simple costume of a skeleton or ghoul. The other item you need is a bell of some sort. Your child just rings the bell and when someone asks, "Who are you?" Your child can answer, "I'm a dead ringer!"

If you don't want to invest in a skeleton or ghoul costume, all you need are some scruffy old clothes. Make them look wrinkled and dirty. Wipe dirt on your child's face and use eye shadow to create dark circles under the eyes. You can also put some gel in your child's hair to make it look mussed up. The idea is to make your child look disheveled.

Green with Envy

This is another easy costume to create. All you need is green construction paper and black clothing. Create a stencil of the letters N and V. You can free draw the letters or you can find the largest font on your computer and print out a large letter N and a large letter V that you can use as stencils.

Trace as many N's and V's on the green construction paper as you want. Then cut out the letters. Pin the letters on the black clothing and you're done! When someone asks your child, "What are you?" Your child can answer, "I'm green with NV."

Wearing Out One's Welcome

This costume has two options, both very easy. All you need for this costume is a Welcome sign. You don't even need any kind of special clothing. In the first version, your child would just hold the sign and keeping rubbing on it. Ideally, it will already look a little worn.

In the second version, you need holes in the sign through which to insert some kind of string to allow you to tie the sign around your child's neck.

Each version plays on the different meanings for "wear out." The second version should be for older kids since you really don't want to hang anything around the neck of a small child.

When someone asks, "What are you?" Your child can say, "I'm wearing out my welcome!"

Catching Some Z's

All you need for this costume is some letter Z's. However, they need to be more substantial than paper Z's. If you have a couple of plastic magnetic Z's such as those you can put on a refrigerator, you can use those. Otherwise, you can get some craft foam at least 1/2" thick and cut a couple of Z's out of that. Whatever you use, the Z's have to be heavy enough to allow your child to toss them up into the air without them blowing away. He has to be able to catch them so that he can say, "I'm catching some Z's."

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