9 Spooooky and Easy Halloween Crafts for Kids

Easy and Fun Crafts to Make with Kids for Halloween

There are so many fun things to do around Halloween. Besides choosing fun costumes, eating yummy treats, and going trick-or-treating or attending fun Halloween parties, there are Halloween crafts!

Read on for ideas for everything from fun decorations to homemade Halloween party invitations you can make with kids. These ideas are simple, easy-to-make, and absolutely adorable!

Paper Pumpkin Jack O'Lantern Halloween Wreath

Halloween Crafts for Kids
Katherine Lee
These festive pumpkins were made by tracing a cookie cutter on paper and cutting out the pumpkin shapes. How easy is that? You can make this wreath, or tape the pumpkins onto a pretty green ribbon to make a Halloween pumpkin garland. Simple, cute, and fun!


Rainbow Loom diamond pattern bracelets for Halloween. Katherine Lee

These pretty rubber band bracelets are easy to make. All you need are some orange and black rubber bands and a Rainbow Loom or similar rubber band bracelet making kit. Read my instructions for how to make these festive bracelets for Halloween.



homemade Halloween decorations
Katherine Lee
Paper fan decorations are easy to make but are one of the most gorgeous party or room decorations that can be created. This version of hanging paper fans are perfect for Halloween decorations and are guaranteed to make the house festive for Halloween.


Rubber Band Halloween Pumpkin Charms

Halloween pumpkin charms made with a Rainbow Loom. Katherine Lee

These adorable pumpkin charms were made on a Rainbow Loom. Learn how to make these adorable charms and put them on a bracelet or necklace to celebrate Halloween!


Halloween paper lanterns
Katherine Lee

Kids will love watching these black cat paper lanterns light up at night. Flameless LED candles make this a perfect and safe craft for young school-age kids. And using pretty see-through vellum paper allows these Halloween lanterns to really glow. It's the perfect kid-friendly Halloween craft to make your house festive and fun for Halloween!



Halloween crafts for kids
Katherine Lee
Boo! Kids will love making these adorably fun ghost pop up card Halloween invitations. If you're not having a party, you can make this card as a Halloween greeting card. Happy Halloween!



halloween decoration ideas
Katherine Lee
These spookily cute mummy Halloween treat cups are made out of ordinary household items and are the perfect cheap homemade Halloween decorations. Make some and add festive paper bats (which can either have name tags for place cards or Halloween messages like "Boo!" or "Happy Halloween!") and fill with treats. Kids will love making them and putting them all around the house!


Halloween Bat Garland

Halloween bat garland. Katherine Lee

Here is an idea for an easy Halloween bat garland made with paper, bat cookie cutters, and invisible bead cord. Because the cord is thin and see-through, the bats look like they're flying! Read on for instructions on how to make these festive Halloween garlands.


halloween crafts for kids
Katherine Lee

A little glue, some glitter, and black paper is all you need to create these festive and sparkly paper spider web decorations for Halloween. Make a garland or hang the webs individually to get your house ready for Halloween fun!


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