Halloween Fun!

Great ideas for Halloween costumes, Halloween treats, and more

Need great ideas for how to make your next Halloween fun fest creep-tastic and better than ever? From great Halloween costumes for kids to Halloween treats and decorations, here are some creative and easy ways you can make this Halloween frightfully fun as you celebrate with your child.


Halloween treats in plastic pumpkins
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Looking for some yummy and ghoulishly fun recipes for Halloween treats for kids? Try these delicious spooky Halloween recipes for kids to snack on before and after trick-or-treating or to gobble up at a fun Halloween party.



Halloween party invitations
Making your own Halloween party invitations is fun and easy. I Love Images/Getty Images

Whether you’re planning a big monster bash or a small gathering for Halloween, here are some great options for Halloween party invitations you can print or make. The best part: They’re free or can be made for minimal cost with some paper and craft supplies.



Halloween wreath
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From a festive paper pumpkin wreath to pop up Halloween invitations for a fun party, these ideas for Halloween Crafts for Kids are the perfect way to celebrate this fun holiday. So grab some arts and crafts materials, get inspired, and get creative! And when you're done, you can display these fun crafts to get the house ready for Halloween!



Halloween treats for kids
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Aside from Halloween costumes and decorations, Halloween is all about Halloween candy for kids. What are some sneaky ways you can curb your kids’ intake of Halloween candy? Some great strategies include shifting focus to other Halloween fun, such as working on Halloween decorations and giving kids plenty of healthy foods and snacks.


Halloween Decorations

Halloween decorations house
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Whether you’re planning a Halloween party or just want to fill your house with some touches of Halloween fun for the holiday, try these spooky ideas to make your home frightfully festive. You and your grade-schooler will have lots of fun preparing your house and yard for Halloween fun!


Halloween treats for kids

Looking for great Halloween treat ideas for a party or just a family celebration? Kids and grown-ups alike are sure to love the recipes on this list. You'll find lots of creepy-yummy recipes for everything from Halloween eyeballs to slime juice.



Halloween Safety - Jack-o'-lanterns
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When parents and kids are thinking about Halloween fun, it’s also important to keep in mind a few key safety tips. Whether you and your family are putting up Halloween decorations or getting your Halloween costumes ready, be mindful of the simple precautions you can take to keep everyone safe.


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