Halloween Hand Print Ghost

A Fun Ghost Craft for Preschoolers

Halloween hand print ghost craft
This Halloween hand print ghost craft is easy-to-make and makes for an adorable Halloween decoration!. Amanda Rock

Ghosts and Halloween go together like, well Halloween and candy, but not every ghost has to be scary. This Halloween hand print ghost craft is easy-to-make, fun for your preschooler to put together, and makes for an adorable Halloween decoration (or even as the base for a Halloween party invitation) when crafting time is finished. Plus, if you remember to put the date on the back, this craft can serve as a sweet memory of when your child was small. Additionally, the craft pictured shows a hand print, but a footprint would work really well too.

The craft pictured also shows just one print on the page, but if you have more than one child or just want to make a gaggle of ghosts, simply use a bigger piece of paper.

The supplies you'll be using are pretty basic and can most likely be found right in your house. If not, check out a local arts and craft store. This craft calls for painting paint on to your preschooler's hand or foot, so make sure you use washable paints and be prepared with a smock, some towels, a covered workspace, and plenty of water for cleanup! This craft also has some paint drying time in between steps. You can work on other steps while the paint dries, but definitely keep that in mind when you sit down to do this with your preschooler. Plan to have lunch in between or maybe play a quick game or two.

For more tips about crafting with preschoolers, check out: Tips for Making Arts and Crafts with Your Preschooler.

Read on for supplies and directions for the Halloween Hand Print Ghost Craft!

Handprint (or Footprint) Ghost Craft Directions

poem for Halloween hand print ghost craft
This poem (or one just like it) is a perfect addition to the Halloween hand print ghost craft. Amanda Rock

Hand Print Ghost Craft Directions

Supplies you'll need:

  • black construction paper
  • white paper
  • hole puncher
  • orange, purple or black yarn (any Halloween color will do)
  • washable white paint
  • washable paint in blue, orange, white, or yellow (any color that will stand out on black paper)
  • paint brush
  • black marker and markers in assorted colors
  • stencils (optional)

Get Crafting!

  1. Cut black construction paper to any size you like. 6"x6" is a nice size, but really, any size will do. If you have more than one child, you may want to go bigger.
  2. Punch a hole in the top center of the construction paper. String the yarn through long enough to hang.
  3. Paint your preschooler's hand or foot with the washable white paint. Carefully press your child's painted hand or foot on to the paper, near the bottom, with the fingers or toes pointing down. This is your ghost. Let dry.
  4. Once the paint dries, using stencils or letting your preschooler paint freehanded, paint BOO! in spooky letters up top. You can layer the letters as on the first page with different color paints, or simply just use one color paint. Let dry.
  5. While the picture is drying, write the spooky poem on the white paper. Make sure the white paper is cut to fit the black paper. It will be glued to the back of the black paper. You could write anything you like, but a cute poem to try is:
    "This isn't just a ghost, as anyone can see.
    I made it with my hand (or foot)
    which is a special part of me!"
    If more than one child is part of the craft, simply change the words to say:
    "These aren't just ghosts, as anyone can see.
    We made it with our hands (or feet) -- no fuss!
    They are special parts of us!"
  6. Add your preschooler's name (if multiple kids, write the name under the corresponding hand or foot) and the date, and hang or give as a gift!

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