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These simple games will ensure teens have fun at your next Halloween party.

Let your teen host a Halloween party.
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Letting your teen host a Halloween party is a great idea. Once kids are too old for trick-or-treating, they often seek out a little extra mischief on Halloween. Hosting a fun and safe Halloween party can give teens an opportunity to celebrate without getting themselves into trouble.

There are lots of ways to throw a Halloween party, and most don't require too much entertainment. A little music and lots of spooky Halloween treats might be enough to keep a room full of teens occupied for a few hours.

Adding a few games to the mix however can help teens break the ice. Then, you won't have boys crowded in one corner and girls standing around in the other without anyone talking. These games are hand-picked for teens because they're quick and they're sure to get some laughs. 

1. Halloween Eyeball Bounce

Here's what you need:

  • 3 Pumpkin containers or buckets
  • Ping pong balls
  • Sharpie markers; colors: red, black, blue and green
  • Candy

Here's how to play:

Use the blue or green sharpie marker to make a round dot for the iris of the eye on the ping pong ball. Use the red marker to make veins radiating from the colored part of the eye on the white. When dry, make the pupil of the eye with the black marker.

Place candy at the bottom of pumpkin containers and spread them around the floor. Give the player 3 to 5 ping pong eyeballs and have them try to bounce the ball into a container. If they make it in the container, they get a piece of candy from that container.

Keep playing until all the candy is gone.

2. Bobbing for Worms

Here's what you need:

  • Empty plates; one per player
  • Gummy worms; five per player
  • Whipped cream
  • Table and chairs

Here's how to play:
This game is a race. To set it up, place the five gummy worms on the plate and cover entirely with whipped cream.

This needs to be done for each player.

When the race starts, someone says "Go!" and the players place their hands behind their backs and eat their way to the worms. As they find a worm, they pull it out of the whipped cream and place it on the table - all without using their hands. When someone places the fifth worm on the table, they win.

3. Pass the Orange

What you need:

  • An orange
  • Kids standing in a circle

How to Play Pass the Orange

Gather the entire party into a large circle in the room.

  1. The first person is given an orange to place under their chin.
  2. He must pass the orange to the next person in line but neither may use their hands. If the orange drops, those two people are out of the circle and eliminated from the game.
    • This continues until only two people are left. Those two people are the winners.

    Halloween Party Prizes

    A few simple prizes will keep teens motivated to play the games. Halloween is a time for all things weird, wacky and creepy, so use your imagination when it comes to prizes.

    • Browse the Halloween costume section of the store for cheap costume additions like fake fangs, blood and face paint.
    • Put together a goodie bag of Halloween candy and include one special novelty item that no one else at the party receives.
    • Keep up with the 'creepy' theme and create a 'pick your prize' container. A plastic pumpkin works great! The winner has to reach inside without looking to choose their prize. Include things with weird textures like hairy stuffed animals, slippery snakes or soft (and slimy) balls. Shake the container while they are choosing and give them a fright!
    • Of course, most teens love gift cards too. So if you want some bigger prizes, offer gift cards to local retailers, movie theaters, or popular teen stores.

    Updated by Amy Morin, LCSW.


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