Halloween Party Ideas for Teens

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There are lots of advantages to allowing your teen to host a Halloween party. For starters, you’ll know where your teen is and what your teen is up to during the Halloween season. But, that’s not the only advantage to throwing a teen-friendly Halloween party – it’s also a fun way to create lifelong memories for your teen. Whether your simply hosting a few friends or you're planning to throw a big big bash, here are some ideas to ensure that your teen’s Halloween party is a particularly memorable event:

1. Turn Your House into a Haunted Mansion

Set the stage for a Halloween party by turning your home into a haunted house. Use nightlights or Christmas lights to create a dimly light atmosphere. Decorate with fake spider webs, ghosts, and pumpkins. Turn on some scary Halloween music and set the stage for a party.

2. Scary Movie Night

If your hoping for a low-key party, host a scary movie night. Just be sure to preview the scary movies ahead of time and pay close attention to the ratings – avoid movies that filled with violence and gore. (For a list of teen-friendly horror movies that provide plenty of scary moments without violence and gore, check out this list from Common Sense Media). Serve pizza and popcorn and let the movies begin.

3. Outdoor Candy Hunt

If you’ve got a big enough yard, an outdoor candy hunt can keep teens busy for quite a while. Hide pieces of Halloween candy throughout the yard and let teens hunt for the candy using flashlights.

Turn it into a competitive game by sending one or two teens at a time to search for candy with a one minute time limit. At the end of the minute, call them back and let the next pair search for candy and see how much everyone can find in the allotted time.

4. Themed Halloween Party

Creating a theme for a party often spurs creative ideas.

Themes can include anything from characters in books to ghosts or even “prom gone wrong." Look for decorations, invitations, and food items that support your theme and encourage teens to have fun with their costumes.

5. Halloween Scavenger Hunt

If you’ve got a big yard, a Halloween scavenger hunt is a good source of entertainment. Give  teens a clue that will lead them to the first object, where they can find the next clue. Use objects, like small skeletons, rubber spiders, and pumpkins, to hold clues and hide them behind rocks, in low hanging tree branches, or behind shrubs. Provide a special treat at the end of the scavenger hunt or give a  prize to the teen – or team – who solves the clues first.

6. Murder Mystery

A murder mystery requires a fair amount of pre-planning but can be a huge hit with teens. Played like a giant game of clue, you’ll need to set the scene of a crime and party guests will be assigned as characters. Then, they’ll need to behave like detectives to solve the mystery of who committed the crime. If you’re creative, you can write your own murder mystery. But, if you’re stumped on how to create your own crime scene,  download a murder mystery party kit or purchase one in stores.

 A kit will give you all of the instructions on to help you set up your own murder mystery.

7. Ghost Story Campfire

A simple Halloween party idea can include a campfire and a few ghost stories. Of course, this party event will be weather dependent and requires a big enough yard to host a bonfire. But, teens will enjoy roasting marshmallows and sharing scary tales.Provide a flashlight and a book of short ghost stories for them to read aloud and they'll likely be entertained for hours.

8. Creepy Candy Bar

Of course, no Halloween party would be complete without the candy. A Halloween-themed candy bar provides teens with a slightly more sophisticated way to consume Halloween candy.

Place a decorative table cloth over a table. Fill glass jars, vases and bowls with candy corn, black licorice, and other Halloween themed candies. Include orange cupcakes, candy apples, or other treats on the table and you’re candy bar will be pleasing to the eyes – and the stomachs – of your teenage guests.

9. Play Halloween Games

Halloween games don’t need to be complicated to be fun. Simple games like bobbing for apples and passing the orange can provide plenty of laughs. Sometimes, just a few games can break the ice and help teens start to mingle and let loose. For more ideas, check out this list of Halloween games.

10. Costume Contest

While some teens may be excited to dress up, others may feel self-conscious about putting on a costume. Hosting a costume contest can encourage everyone to get in the spirit. Let the teens cast ballots for the best costumes or have a judge – like a neighbor or Grandma – declare the winner. If you want to make it really interesting, only allow teens to wear homemade costumes or costumes made out of things they found around the house.

11. Halloween Photo Booth

Teens love taking pictures – especially selfies – so why not create a Halloween photo booth? If possible, set up the photo booth in an area separate from the rest of the party to teens won't feel too self-conscious posing for photos (most teens will be more likely to act silly when they don’t feel like everyone’s staring at them). Sometimes, a room divider or a sheet that acts as a curtain works well. Provide a variety of Halloween-themed props, accessories, and costumes. Let teens take photos with their smartphones or provide a digital camera and let the guests have a blast taking ridiculous selfies. 

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