Halloween Pregnancy Announcements

Halloween Pregnancy Announcements

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Halloween is certainly a fun holiday. It's a time of laughter and family gatherings. This means a chance to pull some fast tricks (or treats) over on your friends or family. If you find out you're pregnant this late summer or fall, depending on when you decide to share your good news, you could make your pregnancy announcement in a big way over the Halloween season.

Think of all of the options that you would have open to you! Not only would you have great Halloween costumes, which you could totally play off as a joke until you decided to share that perhaps your bun in the oven costume wasn't really a joke as they may have thought, but you'll also have a lot of fun.

Jack-o-Lantern Pregnancy Announcement

Twin Pumpkin Pregnancy Announcement
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Consider letting your jack-o-lantern tell the story. You could carve baby related things like rattles, baby faces, etc. You could even do morning sickness as a pumpkin - a jack-o-lantern throwing up! One mom wrote that she opened the top of the pumpkin and buried her positive pregnancy test into the goop. Her husband found it as he was carving...

And this image is adorable with the twin pregnancy announcement inside!

Goody Bags

Twin Pumpkin Pregnancy Announcement
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Have a couple of treat bags, all but one is filled with a special treat. (Think small piece of candy or something similar.) The last bag will contain your pregnancy test or a note announcing the pregnancy. You can have party guests each choose a bag to be opened with everyone or if you're doing this with just one person, they can open the bags until they get the pregnancy test results. You can be a bit more creative and ask trivia questions to "earn" the goody bags.

Dropping Baby Hints - Baby Costumes

Baby in Pumpkin
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Suggest baby related costumes for Halloween, or ask what costumes would look good on a baby. If asked why you can choose to spill the beans, if not, you can simply spill the secret at the end of the evening. People love to talk about cute ways to dress a baby up for Halloween, even if it's a fictitious baby. People might start to wonder what's up, have a good story ready if you are not ready to share the pregnancy news. You could even bring a doll dressed up in one of the costumes to a family event to see if anyone catches on.

The other version of this is your costume. Consider your costumes as a way to dress up your pregnancy announcement. Here are some to think about:

  • Baby
  • Bun in the Oven
  • Pregnant Woman
  • Old Lady, Who Lived in a Shoe
  • Famous Mothers in history
  • Gynecologist/Midwife

Trick or Treat

Play trick or treat, the game. Ask your husband, "Trick or treat?" If he says trick, you can say, "I'm not pregnant." If he says treat, you answer, "We're expecting a baby - what a treat!" You can make up a lot of questions to last a longer time.

Another variation is to play a version of 20 Questions. Think of questions that people might ask you that are 20 questions-like questions. You might even have a plant in the audience so that you get further along into the questioning. That helps to drag the suspense out a bit for families.

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