Harris Sextuplets

Profile of Harris Family Sextuplets

Harris Sextuplets
The Harris Sextuplets. Getty Images / Chris & Diamond Harris

Chris and Diamond Harris of Birmingham, Alabama had one son. They wanted to try for another child and sought assistance at a fertility clinic. After artificial insemination, they discovered they were pregnant. They thought it might be twins. Then an ultrasound showed that there were five babies. But the big shock came at delivery, with the arrival of six babies -- sextuplets! Learn more about the Harris sextuplets, born in 2002.

They are the first known surviving set of African-American sextuplets. 

What are the Sextuplets' Names:

The sextuplets names are:

  • Kiera Christine
  • Kaylynne Antoinett
  • Kaleb Reddrick
  • Kobe Byshari
  • Kieran Anthony
  • Kyle Jacob

You'll notice that all of the children's' names start with the same letter -- "K." This was intended to honor their great-grandmother, Kassie Harris. There are two girls and four boys. 

What is the Sextuplets' Birthdate?

July 7, 2002


Birmingham, Alabama

Birth Info:

The babies were born after 26 1/2 weeks at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. They were delivered by cesarean section within about three minutes. They weighed between 1 pound, 3 ounces and 1 pound, 12 ounces. They remained in the hospital for several months; the last baby was discharged at the end of October 2002.

Family Info:

The sextuplets have an older brother named Dewayne. Dad, Chris, is a teacher and their mother, Diamond, is a nurse.

More Info:

Diamond Harris was able to breastfeed all six babies by pumping. The Harris babies were the first known surviving set of African-American sextuplets. In a 2009 interview, mom Diamond Harris said that the lack of privacy was one of the biggest challenges of parenting sextuplets. 

The Harris Sextuplets on Extreme Home Makeover:

In 2004, the family's home was damaged during Hurricane Ivan, when high winds brought down a tree on the house.

Fortunately, the next year brought a wonderful opportunity from the television program, Extreme Home Makeover. Just when the family was in dire need of repairs and a bigger home to accommodate all seven children (sextuplets plus big brother, Dewayne), the cast of the makeover show stepped in. With the help of numerous volunteers, the show more than doubled the square footage of the three-bedroom house, from 2,000 square feet to 5,000 square feet. But that's not all the family received. While the work was performed on the house, the show sent them on a trip to Walt Disney World. Miles College, near the family's home in Alabama, committed to providing scholarships for the sextuplets when they are ready for college. Additional scholarships were provided for mom, Diamond, to further her education by returning to school to pursue an advanced nursing degree. Other sponsors paid for nanny services for a year. 

Then Came Six:

The Harris sextuplets were featured in a television series on the Discovery Health Channel. Then Came Six documents the family's life.

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