How to Have Fun When Your Child is Sick at Home

Your child's sick day doesn't have to be boring

Taking care of sick child
Prepare puzzles, coloring sheets and fun movies for your child's sick day. Maskot/Getty Images

When a child has to stay home from school or from other activities due to illness, it can make for a boring few days while he or she is on the mend. Some tweens may even prefer to go to school sick, rather than stay home all day with nothing to do. But a few days home to heal may be what's needed to get your child going again. If your child has to stay home due to illness you can still encourage him or her to have a little fun.

Offer up these ideas to keep your tween from getting bored while home sick.

Fun Things to Do if Your Child is Sick at Home

If your child is sick, rest should be the primary goal, but active older kids are only going to rest for so long. After a while, you'll hear that familiar statement, "I'm Bored." When you do, these ideas might help round out the day for your sick tween.

  • Build a Fort: Even older kids love forts, and quite a few of them are talented fort builders. Provide your tween with sheets, old blankets, brooms and other props and allow him or her to build a fort in a bedroom or playroom. You could even help, building a fort over your child's bed so that he or she can settle in and rest while recovering.
  • Pamper Your Tween: Be sure you pamper your child just a little while he or she's home sick. Place tissues, water, and cough drops near your tween. Be sure you have plenty of blankets, soft pillows, and even a favorite stuffed animal available. Girly girls might like to spend a little of their time doing their nails and hair. You might even consider putting aside a magazine or a book for your child to read when he or she is home sick from school.
  • Let Them Read: If your child is worn out from illness, reading may be the only activity he or she can manage. Select a few of your child's favorite books, and find a few fun magazines for your tween to read when he or she feels up to it. If your child has an e-Reader, it might be fun to download a few new books to explore.
  • Make a List: Children who are at home sick for a few days or a few weeks might end up a tad depressed. Boost your tween's spirit by asking him or her to make a list of things to do when feeling better. Or, your child could begin planning a birthday party or a family vacation.
  • Watch a Few Favorite Movies: A child whose home sick should be allowed a little television, computer or game time. If you can take a little time from your schedule, join your tween on the couch and watch a few favorite family movies. You might even have a movie marathon, watching several in a row while your child rests and fights off his or her illness.
  • Discover a Hobby: A few days on the couch may encourage your child to try something new, just to break up the hours. Consider offering your child art supplies, books about hobbies, or other materials. Who knows? Your tween may discover a new hobby or interest that he or she otherwise wouldn't have considered.
  • Get Ahead on Schoolwork: Getting ahead on schoolwork may not sound like a lot of fun, but if your child has missed classes for a few days, it's a good idea to devote some time to his or her studies. Be sure to ask teachers for school assignments, and if necessary, drop by the school to pick up any textbooks or supplies your child might need. Spending a few hours on studies now will help your child when he or she returns to class.

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