Having Fun Over Winter Break

Make the most of winter break with these fun activities

Take advantage of winter break and enjoy the outdoors.
Winter break is a great time to embrace cold weather sports. Photo: ChiccododiFC, pond5.com

The holiday season brings with it cooler temperatures, gifts, family time, and of course, winter break. Winter break can be a much needed separation from responsibilities for many preteens and teens and their parents. Below are a few ideas on how to make the most of your child's winter break, all while having fun, and maybe even learning a thing or two.

Winter Break - Activities for Preteens

Take a Field Trip

Winter break can be the best time to visit a local museum, go bowling, take a tour, or get to know some of your regional landmarks and destinations.

Crowds can be lighter over the holidays, and field trips are a wonderful way to have fun together while keeping your child's mind active. Sit down together and pick 1-2 local places you'd like to see and see how much fun a winter field trip can be.  Many museums will offer special pricing during the winter months, so be on the look out for deals.

Get Outside

The biggest mistake you can make is to stay inside over your child's entire winter break. Unless the temperatures are frigid, plan at least one activity that takes place outdoors, such as ice skating, sledding, making snow angels or even walking around your neighborhood. Just dress for the weather.

Do Some Reading

Winter break is your child's time to catch up on the reading he or she wants to do, as opposed to the reading he or she has to do for school. Visit your local library or bookstore and allow your tween to pick out a book of his or her choosing.

Then give your child some private time and a little space to plow into the book of choice.

Redecorate a Room

Winter break is a great time to redecorate your child's room, or plan a redecoration project. Tweens love the opportunity to show their personalities, and to make their room their own. A fresh coat of paint, new curtains and a new bedspread might be all it takes.

And planning a project together is a great bonding experience.

Host a Sleepover

Is it your turn to host a sleepover? Winter break might be the best time to do that, especially if you're off from work. Plan a great party, set the rules, and then sit back and watch them have some fun. You can even throw a winter themed party, where guests make their own snow cones, make paper snowflakes and watch fun winter themed movies.

Plan a Getaway

If you didn't get the chance to take a vacation over summer break, consider planning a quick family getaway over winter break. Depending on where you go, prices could be half what you would pay during prime season, and a break from work and school might be just what your family needs.

Go on an Internet Scavenger Hunt

If your tween is bored and looking for something to do, but you're busy doing a thousand different things, try this: create a list of 10 or 20 interesting questions, such as "Who invented the hot dog?" and have your child search for the answers on line. 

Volunteer Together

Volunteering is always a worthwhile project, and if you volunteer with your tween you're also creating a special memory. Choose a project you would both enjoy, and then see what good things happen.

Host a Moviethon

Invite friends, pop popcorn and watch movie after movie. It's fun, relaxing and easy to pull off.


Sometimes it's fun to just sit back and relax. If your child has had a hard time at school, or if your family has been super busy since summer, take the winter break holiday as an excuse to do nothing at all.

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