10 Things People Say if You're having Your Second Girl (Or Boy)

Having the Same Sex Baby?

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I distinctly remember the doctor telling me that I had the million dollar family when my son was born. I asked her what she meant and my pediatrician told me, “Well, you have a boy and a girl. You’re done! You can stop!” That really struck me as odd, but being newly postpartum, I didn’t give it much thought at the time, but her words have stuck with me.

1. You can always try again…

You can, but maybe you’re happy with what you have and don’t intend to have more children just to have the girl/boy you don’t have yet. Or maybe you can't because of a physical factor or even just can't afford another baby. Even if you want another baby - it doesn't matter.

2. I’m sorry.

This one always makes me mad. You’re sorry I’m having a baby? You’re sorry my family doesn’t live up to some crazy expectation you have? What? Seriously people will say anything these days.

3. Are you going to keep trying until you have a ______?

A) This is none of your business. B) Even if we do, it is none of your business. See number one...

4. At least you have the clothes already.

True. Though if a mom is feeling upset about having a baby who is the same sex, this may not make her feel better and may in fact make her feels worse. Just because you have clothes doesn't mean that you should hope to have a baby of the same sex. 

5. Were you trying for a _________?

Oh wait, it’s another none of your business type responses, unless you want to answer. And there may be times where you’re talking to someone that you really do care what the response you give is for them. My husband always enjoyed telling people we were trying for a puppy. That always gave them pause while we walked away.

6. Next time…

Maybe, maybe not. There might not be a next time and if there is, it still might not be a baby of the opposite sex, and even that might be planned.

7. Looks like dad (or mom) is out numbered!

Sometimes families actually like this and have planned to have all boys or all girls. This is usually not understood by those on the outside.

8. Did you know that if you _______, you’d have a _______.

Ah, sex selection tales… Usually the old wives tales aren’t any more effect than the hoping and praying method. If this entertains you - go for it.

9. It’s your fault you keep having the same sex.

Sex is determined by the combination of X and Y chromosomes. The females are XX and males are XY, meaning, the mom can give only an X, dad donates an X or Y.

10. My cousin/sister/friend/niece had this problem and she did _______ and got a _______.

That’s nice. That may or may not be applicable to your situation, or you might not even care.

Later I found myself laughing and asking my husband if we’d only have a $500,000 family if we had two girls? But the sad thing is, there are many out there who feel the need to comment on your family size and composition. In the end, you and your family are the only ones who have to live with the number of children you have. Everyone else, well, you know where they can go.

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