Hayes Sextuplets


Tara Rose, Rachel Ann, Rebecca Mary, Ryan Peter, Connor James, and Eric John Jr.


September 13, 2004


Hoboken, New Jersey

Birth Info:

Mother, Elizabeth Hayes, gave birth by Cesarean section at Monmouth Medical Center, Long Branch, New Jersey. The delivery of six babies took less than three minutes. Combined, the babies weighed nearly 25 pounds; individually; the smallest were 3 pounds, 9 ounces and the largest was 4 pounds 10 ounces, well above average for multiples delivered at 32 weeks.

Family Info:

Eric and Elizabeth Hayes already had two sets of twins when the sextuplets were born. Twin brothers, Kevin and Kyle, were eight and boy/girl twins, Kieran and Meghan, were five when the babies arrived. Eric Hayes is a policeman.

More Info:

The Hayes family is the only one in the United States with two sets of twins and sextuplets. At the time of their birth, a hospital spokesperson claimed that the babies were the first set of surviving sextuplets in New Jersey, but this was not confirmed. To conceive sextuplets, ovulation induction treatments were used to stimulate mother Elizabeth's ovaries to produce more than one egg.


In 2007, the family appeared on Good Morning America. The program described the sextuplets individually in the following way:

  • Rachel: the Curious George of the group.
  • E.J.: the shy one.
  • Ryan: the most outgoing, believes in sharing, until push comes to bite.
  • Tara: prefers her alone time.
  • Connor: the resident drama king, enjoys his time at center stage.
  • Rebecca: the only sextuplet who is struggling; she has cerebral palsy.


The Hayes family were featured in a television program called Twins, Twins and Sextuplets on the same network that made the Gosselin Family famous.

Their series Table for 12 premiered in March 2009.

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