Healthcare Industry and Medical News Sources

Periodicals and Publications to Stay Current on Health Industry Trends and News

As a healthcare professional, it's important to stay up-to-date on the latest news and current events impacting the medical field.

Keeping up with the latest in medical news can help you to stay ahead of the curve in many ways. You’ll know where the jobs are (and where they aren’t). And you'll learn about the latest and greatest innovations and discoveries in medicine, science, and technology, which may prompt you to learn a new procedure or new treatment for patients.

Healthcare news can help you maximize your revenue, manage your practice, or register for the next medical conference. Here are a few great sources.

General Medical and Clinical News

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Below are three sources for general clinical developments, medical and scientific studies, and important health findings from the latest studies and clinical trials.

The American Medical Association (AMA) is one of the most well-known and well-respected professional associations in the medical industry, particular for physicians. The AMA publishes its own journal weekly, which includes updates on the latest medical studies, results, and clinical findings.

JAMA is largely focused on clinical developments and news in health science; it pays less attention to the business side of the industry. However, the journal does include a section for physician job postings. JAMA is often cited by experts worldwide as an industry leader and benchmark in clinical news.


The New England Journal of Medicine is another very highly respected publication for physicians and clinicians. It includes publications of research and review articles on a variety of health, science, and medical studies and clinical information. Like JAMA, the New England Journal of Medicine focuses on delivering the latest and most important clinical and medical news.

There are also some articles on the business side of medical practice, although that is not a primary focus.


MedPage Today is described on its website as a "CE and CME accredited medical news service, which provides daily coverage of developments that impact clinical practice." It also touts itself as "the only service for physicians that provides a clinical perspective on the breaking medical news that their patients are reading."

MedPage Today developed this service in conjunction with the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine and the Office of Continuing Medical Education.

The website also includes information broken down by specialty, as well as CME information, and political news impacting healthcare.


Medical Industry and Business News (Free Resources)

Below are a few of the publications and periodicals which provide information on the healthcare industry as a whole, including the business and financial sides of healthcare, as well as medical manufacturers and healthcare services.

The American Medical News is another news publication by the American Medical Association (AMA). However, the American Medical News is more about trends in the business and practice of medicine, and medical education, than it is about clinical and health advancements.

The American Medical News provides online information and offers an email service for you to receive weekly updates on a variety of topics including medical practice trends, graduate medical education (GME), political lobbying and advocacy, and more.


Fierce Healthcare is another great source of medical industry news. Any medical facility, government entity, healthcare insurance company, or clinician who makes big news in the healthcare industry would be covered by Fierce Healthcare.

In addition to the general healthcare updates, Fierce Healthcare also has a number of sister websites focusing on more specific aspects of the healthcare industry in further detail, such as the pharmaceutical industry (Fierce Pharma), the Healthcare IT industry (Fierce HealthIT), and biotech (Fierce BioTech), to name a few.


HealthLeaders is geared towards healthcare executives, which can include hospital administration, physicians, medical directors, nursing leadership, and more. HealthLeaders is a trusted source of information on a variety of topics including hospital staff development, community outreach, hospital budgets, and IT implementation and utilization. Those are just a few of many topics covered by HealthLeaders Media.


Medical Industry and Related Business News (Paid Subscriptions Required)

Below are two favorite publications of many physicians and medical management professionals. These may be delivered to your home or office in hard copy or you may access them online with a paid subscription.

Medical Economics offers "business resources for office-based physicians," according to its website. It also provides information on medical practice management, patient relations, and malpractice insurance and related issues. 

Medical Economics provides some free information with registration on its internet news site called Modern Medicine.


Modern Healthcare is another top publication for healthcare industry news, stating "As a weekly news-driven publication, we report on important healthcare events and trends as they happen — not a month later...It's for this reason that Modern Healthcare is ranked No. 1 in readership among healthcare executives," according to their website.

As many of the other publications, Modern Healthcare also offers news alert services directly to your email inbox, such as their "Daily Dose." They offer breaking news, opinion editorials, and cover a comprehensive variety of healthcare industry topics such as Health IT, physician practice management, and more.