Healthy Gifts for Dad

Show Your Father You Want Him Around for Years to Come

Whether it's for Father's Day, Christmas, or some other special family occasion, why not give the first man in your life a gift to boost his well-being and longevity?  Here are some gift ideas for your dad or grandfather on their special day.

For Dad the Cook

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Whether your father is a confirmed foodie or a rookie chef, there are dozens of tools to make preparing healthy meals from breakfast to dinner much more fun. Bonus: several of them - like the Vitamix, Blendtec and Nutribullet blenders boast big horsepower to get his cooking motor running.  It's like having power tools on the kitchen counter!

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A Shared Project

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Of all the actions you may take to boost your own longevity or someone else's, maintaining close and supportive social relationships ranks among the most important.  If your dad - like many men of previous generations - is more comfortable visiting while working on a project, consider offering to share a specific task together.  It may be working on his car, helping him build a deck, or even just some much-needed home maintenance help. 

If community work is more his style, why not choose a volunteer project together?  Volunteers have been shown to live longer, healthier lives - so it's an idea that will benefit you both.

Wearable Activity Tracker

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Okay - your dad knows that spending too much time sitting on the couch is unhealthy. Maybe the little push he wants will come from a device to chart his daily activity. These wearable activity trackers offer digital readouts on steps taken, intensity, and calories burned throughout the day.  If he's a fan of keeping track of numbers, this kind of self-monitoring can provide exercise motivation once his activity resolutions begin to wane.

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GPS Personal Locator


Regular walking and running are both linked to greater longevity, but neither activity is much fun if you get lost on the trail.  If your father likes to reap the benefits of exercising outdoors and hike off the beaten paths, a GPS device - especially one with back-tracking capability - is a great gift.  It can point him in the direction of home, even if his cell phone isn't getting service.

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Wrist ID Bracelet

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Getting lost on a hike is one thing, getting injured is quite another.  A sport-friendly wrist identifier can give a stranger or paramedic contact information for your dad that's highly visible, without their having to scramble through his backpack or bike pouch.  Wristband ID bracelets like the inexpensive and popular Road ID come in a variety of colors and fabrics with face plates that can be customized to display emergency contact numbers, along with medication allergies or age-related conditions like diabetes or heart disease.

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A Tablet, Apps and More

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If your father loves putting pen to paper, a longevity journal can help keep his healthy lifestyle on track.  If he'd prefer a digital version, how about a tablet with apps that monitor his fitness, diet, medication history and  medical records?

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A Wine Club Subscription

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Wine - in moderation - has been shown to contribute to greater longevity in both men and women.  Still, a nice bottle of red or white wine is often considered a real luxury, especially for older adults on a budget.  A number of online gift sites such as offer monthly subscriptions of wine from boutique wineries for as few as 3-month (up to 12-month) periods.  Nice to stretch out the gift period!

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Bottom line:

Any gift requiring some thought and reflection for someone you love is a welcome one. If you can support (or launch!) some behaviors to support a healthy lifestyle in your father - especially things you can enjoy with him - you'll really be giving a gift of greater longevity.

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