Healthy Gift Ideas for Him or Her (Over $100)

Healthy Gifts for Men and Women

gift ideas for over $100
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Need a few gift ideas to make the holidays special? If the man or woman in your life is a fitness nut, a gym addict, a nutrition buff or if they are simply trying to lose weight, these healthy gifts will make them happy.  And when you buy a healthy gift, you show them that you admire and support their commitment to good health.

These healthy gifts ideas are listed in order of price - from lowest to highest.  Gifts range in price from $199 to over $2,000.  If you need gift ideas at a lower price point, be sure to check out these other healthy gift guides.

 And if you want to be absolutely sure that you put a smile on your loved one's face (you definitely should if you are paying over $100) be sure to check out this buying guide.

Jabra Sport Pulse Earbuds

Jabra Sport Pulse Earbuds

The fitness buff or runner in your life will love these new wireless earbuds from Jabra. Not only do they provide great sound and essential feedback like pace, speed and distance, but the high tech ear buds have a heart rate monitor right in the ear piece. No chest strap needed. How cool is that?!

This gift is great for runners, outdoor exercisers, people trying to improve their level of fitness or lose weight and techies who love to listen to music when they exercise.

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Price: $199.99

Where to buy:

Polar M400 Sports Watch With GPS

Polar M400
Polar USA

Are you trying to decide between an activity monitor and a heart rate monitor? Why not give both? The new Polar M400 Sports Watch provides daily activity information like calories burned and steps taken, but it also provides accurate heart rate data during your workout.

This gift is great for exercisers who are trying to improve their level of fitness and/or lose weight and for people looking to upgrade their current activity monitor.  Also great for runners and outdoor exercisers.

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Price: $249.44

Where to buy:

Thule Sport Stroller or Multifunction Child Carrier


Got a baby on board? Help a new mom or dad stay active with a sport stroller or child carrier from Thule. The sport strollers make walking and running easier for busy parents. And the multifunction child carriers can be used while you ski, walk, or run with one or two children.

This gift is great for active parents, moms who are trying to lose the baby weight and sporty types who enjoy outdoor activities with kids.

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Price: $349.95 and up

Where to buy:

Blendtec Blender

blendtec blender

If the man or woman on your gift list expects the best of everything, then they will appreciate a Blendtec blender. This high tech machine makes smoothies and so much more. The readout even provides healthy messages to keep your diet or nutrition plan on track. It's a pricey cooking product, but you get your money's worth with this brand. And it looks great on your counter!

This gift is great for busy multi-taskers who don't always have time to eat a healthy meal with fruits and veggies or for home cooks who like to try healthy homemade recipes.

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Price: $649.95 (lower priced models also available)

Where to buy:

Precor Treadmill or Elliptical

How to buy home exercise equipment

If your loved one likes to exercise at home, then a new treadmill or elliptical might be the perfect healthy gift.  It might also be a great way for you and your special someone to spend more time together.  New models by Precor make it easier to keep challenging yourself as your fitness level improves.

This gift is great for someone who doesn't like or doesn't have access to a health club, a busy executive, a mom with kids at home or an active runner or walker.

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Price: $2,000.00 and up

Where to buy:

Pedego Electric Bikes


Pedego electric bikes provide the best of both worlds for people who love to bike or for people who are just starting an exercise or cycling program.  These innovative bikes combine battery power with pedal power to provide a comfortable cycling experience.  Riders can choose to pedal the bike themselves or use battery power to climb hills or give themselves a break.  The step-thru models are especially convenient for heavier riders, senior cyclists or apprehensive newbies.

This gift is great for overweight or new exercisers who want to be more active outdoors, but are nervous about riding a traditional road or city bike.  It's also great for any new rider who wants to build mileage and increase their level of fitness.

Learn more: How to Lose Weight on Your Bike

Price: $2,895 (prices vary and bikes can be customized)

Where to buy:

Tips for Buying Healthy Gifts


Remember to do your research when you buy a healthy gift at any price point.  But research is especially important when you spend hundreds or thousands of dollars. If you're not sure that the gift is perfect, give a smaller stocking stuffer with a homemade gift certificate for the larger item. Then shop together when the holidays are over.

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