4 Tips for Buying Healthy Holiday Gifts

Find the right gift for your loved one

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Are you trying to buy a gift for someone who is losing weight? Has your loved one started a new exercise program or changed their eating habits to improve their health? If so, it may affect the type of gift you should buy during the holidays. But before you run off to the local sporting goods store or diet website, take these tips into consideration.​

4 Tips for Buying Exercise and Diet Gifts

  1. Be Inquisitive
    Trying to lose weight is a stressful process. Dieters can feel pressure to slim down and may even feel like a failure if they don't lose enough weight. If you buy a gift that is diet or exercise related, they may see your kind gesture as added pressure to perform.

    On the other hand, some people appreciate extra tools for their weight loss arsenal. There are plenty of weight loss products on the market and many of them are expensive. Your loved one may really appreciate a new gadget to make her weight loss journey easier.

    So how do you know the difference between the two scenarios? Ask. You may not want to ask directly, but you can cleverly disguise your inquiry to get an answer. Ask about a dieting "friend" or mention a product that you saw and ask your loved one what he or she thinks about it.
  1. Don’t Make Assumptions
    You might think that a new bathroom scale is a good idea, but your wife may not. If you’ve never dieted before, don’t make assumptions about how you would feel about a diet or exercise-related gift. Ask friends, other family members, or even co-workers who’ve had to lose weight. They may be able to offer insight into whether or not your ‘great gift idea’ will impress or distress.

    If you're not sure, you may want to err on the safe side and forgo the healthy gift.  Your loved one needs your support more than he or she needs a present.
  2. Get Creative
    Are there ways to make your loved one feel good about themselves while still supporting their weight loss process? If your gift recipient loves the thrill of getting dressed up and going out for a special dinner, perhaps theater tickets would provide the same excitement without the calorie-laden meal. If your husband or wife is trying to get you on the healthy eating bandwagon, perhaps cooking classes for both of you would be a nice surprise. If you think that new clothes won’t work because of your loved one’s changing size, consider getting him/her a gift certificate to a salon for a new look or a new hairdo.
  1. Don’t Get Offended
    Take constructive criticism on the chin. If your gift is a flop, be flexible. Make sure your loved one knows that you meant well and your intentions were good. Offer to return the gift and find another that will make him/her feel special and appreciated.

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