The 3 Most Important New Year's Resolutions You Will Ever Make


This New Year, there are 3 essential New Year’s resolutions that everyone should make to stay healthy and prevent a stroke. These 3 resolutions are so satisfying that you will find yourself looking forward to making 3 fresh New Year’s resolutions like these every single year.

#1 Start Something New

The New Year is all about new beginnings and about enhancing your life. And your good health deserves a new beginning.

If you start just one new healthy habit, that is truly enough. One new healthy habit is undeniably better than zero new healthy habits! It can be commencing an enjoyable and moderate exercise routine, upgrading your current exercise regimen, increasing the fiber in your diet, adding seafood to your repertoire, strengthening family relationships, helping others, keeping in touch with friends, eating right, or getting regular physicals. When you start something fresh and new, you will feel the invigorating effects of your New Year’s resolutions in your daily life for the whole year and for years to come.

Adding something new to your year doesn't have to be overwhelming, especially when you select a resolution that you know is beneficial and is enjoyable for you. It is easy to keep track of just one simple additional good habit for the year. Here are some helpful tips that can help you stay on track when it comes to building good habits.

#2 Stop One Bad Habit

Stop smoking, cut back on high fat or high cholesterol food, cut back on salt, or lower your stress level. Stop dwelling on negativity or repair a broken relationship. Focus on ending only one bad habit for this year. New Year’s resolutions are often heavy on the quitting aspects.

That can be discouraging. But if you pick one thing to quit, you can get a good handle on it. If and when you feel ready, maybe you can make a half-New Year’s resolution to quit something else- but realize that quitting one unhealthy behavior or negative thought process is challenging enough in itself.

#3 Keep Doing Something that are Already Doing

This is the most important resolution for the new year. Give yourself credit for doing something right and remember to make a resolution to keep up with your good habit. You deserve to give yourself some hard earned ‘points’ for things that you are already doing right! Are you a relaxed person? Maintaining your calm demeanor can be one of your 3 resolutions. Do you exercise? Congratulate yourself and keep it up! Do you take your medications as prescribed? Remember that this is an accomplishment in itself! Sometimes, you might not appreciate or remember that the things you already do every day to maintain your health, your relationships and your mood take a lot of work. If you want to keep being ‘you’ it is important to recognize and value the great things that you already do in a regular basis to keep yourself healthy, rather than taking your hard work for granted.

This 3rd New Year’s resolution is the most important one. If you acknowledge that you have worked hard to maintain your health, your relationships and the life you have built, you are more likely to follow your other resolutions than if you insist on viewing only your deficiencies.

3 Great New Year’s Resolutions for Every Year

Stroke prevention doesn't have to be painful or boring. The fun and easy 3 New Year’s Resolutions approach can get you started on a bright new habit, help you stop doing something that isn’t good for you, and, most importantly, allow you to pat yourself on the back for doing something absolutely right all along- something that doesn’t need any changing at all!

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