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Trying to Get a Necessity Covered

Health insurance companies have largely refused to cover hearing aids. While it is understandable that they would refuse to cover them for older adults on the grounds that too many people would want or need them, what about children? As the cost of hearing aids continues to rise, more parents and individuals are challenging insurance companies.

Little advice is available on the internet on how to get insurance companies to pay for hearing aids.

On the Listen Up site, there is a list of states with legislation or bills to address hearing aid coverage, links to advice for battling insurance companies over hearing aid coverage, and a names of insurance companies that are known to have paid for hearing aids.

Some insurance programs and supplemental programs do address hearing aid coverage. Examples are PlanPlus, ESCO, and Midwest Hearing Industries. A few health insurance plans allow you, for an extra premium, to add additional hearing and vision coverage.

As the U.S. population ages and hearing aid costs continue to escalate, efforts are increasing in state legislatures to get insurance companies to pay.

At present, the focus of advocacy efforts is on getting coverage for hearing aids for children as a start.


Comments by About Visitors

I enjoy many articles on About.com including yours but I would like to comment on your statement on About.com saying that insurance companies do not wish to cover hearing aids for adults because too many people would need them. Insurance companies already cover the cost of eyeglasses, which are needed by far more people with varying degrees of eyesight problems and which need to be replaced far more frequently. The insurance company should not determine what is medically needed by the patient; that should be the doctor’s responsibility. These companies already cover cochlear implants, which cost 2-5 times as much as a hearing aid does – and which also needs to be frequently replaced and maintained. Of course less people can benefit from these – but they are far more expensive. So the answer that hearing aids are more expensive and too frequently needed makes no sense.


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