Craving Something Sweet? Try These Cholesterol-Friendly Desserts

Desserts can be a weakness for those of us following a lipid-lowering diet. Sometimes laden with sugar and saturated fat, desserts are often thought of as an "off limits" item when planning your heart-healthy meals. Just because you are following a lipid-lowering diet, it doesn't mean that you have to completely avoid desserts. Whether you are a chocolate lover or have a weak spot for fruity treats, there is a healthy way to include them in your diet. 

Delicious, Low-Fat Chocolate Recipes

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Are you a chocolate lover? If so, you will be pleased to know that there are plenty of delicious, chocolaty desserts that are low in fat and easy to make. Additionally, some studies have found that some forms of chocolate may help keep your cholesterol levels within a healthy range. Designed for anyone who enjoys chocolate, preparing one of these tasty desserts to your next family dinner or friendly gathering will make you a hit.

Fruity Desserts

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There are many ways you can add fruit to your favorite desserts. Ranging from cakes to frozen treats, these delicious fruit recipes are low-fat and cholesterol-friendly.

With these desserts, you should make sure that you do not add too much sugar or syrup - since this can increase your calorie intake. If you want to make your fruity dessert even more delicious, you can add a handful of your favorite nuts or low-fat yogurt. 

Low-Fat Puddings

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Adding these delicious puddings to the end of your meals can make an excellent treat. They can complement your favorite fruits or be consumed alone. If you're opting for store-bought puddings, make sure that they are labeled "low fat" and check your food label for saturated fat and sugar content. 

Scrumptious Pies and Tarts

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Pies and tarts can also make delightfully delicious low-fat desserts. These treats may contain some of your favorite fruits wrapped in a flaky, low-fat crust. Just be careful about adding a scoop of ice cream or a dollop of whipped cream on top - as these are a common source of added calories and fat. You should also avoid using lard in these recipes, since they can introduce harmful trans fats into your diet. These recipes may taste like forbidden fruits, but you can be assured that they are low in fat.

Cholesterol-Friendly Cakes

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Whether it is for a special occasion - or just for fun - cake has become a staple food for celebrations. Just because you're trying to watch your cholesterol and triglycerides, it doesn't mean that you are excluded from having a slice of cake every once in a while.

When making your cakes, watch how much sugar you add to the cake - or use natural fruit juices to sweeten your cake. Additionally, you should use ingredients that are low in saturated fat whenever necessary, such using low-fat dairy products or swapping out your high-saturated fat oils with those higher in unsaturated fat. And if you want to use store-bought frosting, check your labels - many of these are high in sugar and contain hidden trans fats.

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