Hearts Craft Ideas and Projects for Teens

Here is a list of heart crafts, ideas, and projects that teens can make on their own. Simple step-by-step instructions for fun, heart crafts your teen can enjoy making for friends, Valentine's Day or for their current date. These crafts can also be used if you need a craft for a group of youths.

I Heart U Pin

Seed Bead heart patterns for pins. There are other patterns too: a beating heart, checkered heart and little hearts.

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Perler Bead Patterns: Heart with Arrow Pattern

Perler bead pattern pieces make wonderful keyrings for teens. This heart pattern is perfect for teens who want a simple 'love' gift for a special friend.

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Make Heart Bookmarks

This heart bookmark is a great craft project for a love or Valentine's Day theme. Teens can do this pretty much on their own. Younger teens may get frustrated as it does take patience.

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