Hearts Craft Ideas and Projects for Teens

Here is a list of heart crafts, ideas and projects that teens can make on their own. Simple step-by-step instructions for fun, heart crafts your teen can enjoy making for friends, Valentine's Day or for their current date. These crafts can also be used if you need a craft for a group of youths.

Decoupage Heart Vase Craft

Beautiful glass heart vase decoupaged with pink and red tissue paper. More »

I Heart U Pin

Seed Bead heart patterns for pins. There are other patterns too: a beating heart, checkered heart and little hearts. More »

Heart Mug Gel Candle

These mug candles are made by using a simple candle making technique. Teenagers enjoy making them for gifts and for themselves. They are a very versatile craft and can be changed easily by changing the type of mug and/or the color and scent of the candle. More »

Perler Bead Patterns: Heart with Arrow Pattern

Perler bead pattern pieces make wonderful keyrings for teens. This heart pattern is perfect for teens who want a simple 'love' gift for a special friend. More »

Beaded Glass Heart and Pearl Choker

This beautiful beaded choker is made with glass heart beads, tiny gold seed beads and potato shaped fresh water pearls. It is strung together with stretch cord and makes a very comfortable and classic looking choker. This jewelry making project is easy enough for young teens, but older teens and adults will love the look also. More »

Decoupage Heart Ornament

This paper heart makes a fun decoration for a teen room or gift for a parent from your youth group teens. Very easy to do and it can be done in groups easily too. More »

Make Heart Bookmarks

This heart bookmark is a great craft project for a love or Valentine's Day theme. Teens can do this pretty much on their own. Younger teens may get frustrated as it does take patience. More »

Heart Shaped Mini Peperoni Pizzas

If you're looking for something to serve on Valentine's Day, try this fun food heart recipe. More »

Heart Shaped Cupcakes

Learn the trick to making round cupcakes into heart-shaped cupcakes here. More »

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