Heidi Moawad, MD

Heidi Moawad MD is a neurologist.

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Heidi Moawad MD is a neurologist who is dedicated to patient empowerment as a way to improve health and wellness. Dr. Moawad is the author of Careers Beyond Clinical Medicine, a book for physicians and health care providers who want to learn about the many ways that doctors can make a difference. Dr. Moawad provides career information and resources for physicians and health care providers on her website, nonclinicaldoctors.com

Dr. Moawad is a practicing neurologist and currently sees patients in the telemedicine setting. Dr. Moawad teaches human physiology and global health at John Carroll University in Cleveland, Ohio and she is an active member of the American Academy of Neurology, has written peer reviewed articles, is on the Editorial Board of Neurology Clinical Practice and regularly writes health and career articles for sermo, RxEconsult, Neurology Times and Livestrong.com as well as several other online websites. You can contact Dr. Moawad here.


Heidi Moawad MD is a graduate of Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine. Dr. Moawad completed Internal Medicine Internship at Northwestern Evanston Hospital in Evanston, Illinois and completed Neurology Residency at University of Chicago Hospital in Chicago, Illinois. Dr. Moawad has experience as a clinical neurologist and as a consultant in the health insurance industry. 

Heidi Moawad, MD

Patients and their families are can achieve the best outcome when they are active partners with their health care providers. A stroke, like any neurological disease, can be overwhelming and frightening. We live in an age of empowerment through information. The more you know, the more likely you are to achieve the best possible outcome.

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