Help Your Daughter Avoid a Period Emergency

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If your daughter is worried about beginning her period unexpectedly while at school, a sleepover or summer camp, you can help ease her anxieties. There's a lot a girl can do to prevent a period emergency. Here's what she should know.

Preventing a Period Emergency

Education is the best way to avoid a period emergency. If your daughter isn't yet aware of the menstrual cycle and menstruation, there are a number of wonderful books and resources that can answer questions she might have about puberty.
Establishing a strong foundation of knowledge will help her understand the changes she might experience.

Once your daughter's period begins, it's important to help her learn how to track her period using a menstrual chart. By tracking her period, your preteen will know when to expect her cycle, and be better prepared for it once it arrives.

If your daughter's period is irregular, it might be difficult to determine when her cycle will start. Many girls experience menstrual symptoms, such as weight gain, or cramps before bleeding begins. Helping your child understand her body's changes may help her anticipate when her period will begin.

Help your tween prepare for a period emergency by packing an emergency kit. Pack emergency period kits for the car, her locker, her backpack and her gym locker. Be sure she also has one in her purse at all times. A period kit should contain a menstrual pad, a liner, a tampon and pain relief, if your daughter experiences sudden, painful cramps.

A small cosmetic case is the ideal size for a period kit.

It might also be a good idea for your daughter to keep an extra change of clothes at school, in case her period arrives suddenly and stains her clothing. Teach her to tie a sweater or jacket around her waste to help hide the stain until she can change out of her clothes.

Most girls learn to avoid wearing white when they are experiencing a heavy flow, or if they think their period might begin.

Dark colored clothing, such as black or navy blue, is a better option should your daughter experience a period emergency.

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