How To Help Your Teen Get a Summer Job

Coffee shop teenager
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A summer job can teach a teenager about responsibility, money management and give him/her real-life experiences. You can help your teen find a summer job that he/she will enjoy by following these steps.

Here's How

  1. Establish that your teenager wants to get a summer job. While some teens are hesitant, and you may have to give them a little push, do not force your teen into the working world.
  2. Go over any work experience and qualities your teenager has and write up a resume. Teens have a hard time talking about themselves. They see this as ‘bragging’. So, remind your teen of their good qualities and give them the words to use on the resume.
  1. Look around your local area for companies that need extra help in the summer and have your teen make a list. Amusement parks, community pools, ice cream shops and golf courses all fit the bill.
  2. Take your teen to the different companies to drop off a resume or fill out an application. Bring all necessary information, including your teen’s social security card. Be prepared to wait in the car while your teen talks to prospective employers by bringing a good book or crossword puzzle.
  3. Role-play an interview with your teen. Be the employer and ask some tough questions like what would your teen do if all of their friends called out sick to go to a concert? Explain to your teenager that employers are looking for hard working teens who are motivated, not teens who would look for any excuse to get out of a day’s work.


  1. If you are your teen’s means of transportation to and from a job, set some limits right away. Times you can take and pick up and how far you’re willing to drive should be discussed before your teen looks for employment.
  1. Is your teen interested in a job that requires training? Teens as young as 15-years-old can apply to be a lifeguard as long as they have been certified. Check with your local American Red Cross Chapter.

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