Help Your Tween Have a Productive School Year

The school year is a time to flourish

A little planning can make the school year a productive one.. Stockpxert

You hope your child will look forward to a new school year and begin the year with enthusiasm and goals. But if your tween's attitude isn't all you hoped for this year, there's time to help him adjust and make the most of the school year. If you want to help your child experience a productive school year, the tips below might help. 

Make the School Year a Productive One -- Here's How

Drink Water: Be sure your child begins the day hydrated, and that means drinking water.

Drinking water will help him wake up and be alert for all that learning. A cup of hot tea or a cold glass of water may also have comforting or emotional benefits for your tween, just be sure to avoid drinks loaded with sugar, corn syrup or artificial sweeteners. 

Eat Healthy: Water isn't the only thing your child's growing body needs, he also needs a lot of nutrition, especially in the morning. If your tween doesn't like a big breakfast, it may be difficult getting him to eat anything before school. If that's the case, finger food, or food on the go may be your only option. Try packing a sandwich bag with grapes, nuts, and a little granola -- he can snack on it while walking to the bus stop, or if allowed, he might even be able to grab a bite while walking to his classes. Check with your child' school about their rules on snacking, etc. 

Embrace Downtime: A busy schedule will help keep your child's body and mind working and growing, but downtime is also essential.

Help your tween find ways to regroup and recharge. It might be through meditation, exercise, reading, or simply relaxing with a family pet. Schedule downtime for your tween, because the school week has a way of eating up all the waking hours. 

Stick to a Schedule: It can be hard to stick to a schedule during the school year, but if your child knows when to get up, when to go to bed, when to begin homework, and when he can watch television, it might help him stay on track and make time for fun and downtime.

Schedules may have to be adjusted if your child takes on a sports activity, or has a major project due for a class, so a little flexibility may be necessary.

Set Goals: Does your tween want to be in the school play? Does she want to try cheerleading or maybe go for straight-As on her report card? Setting goals is an easy way to help make things happen. Have your tween write down her goals for the year, and display them somewhere where she can see them everyday -- that might just help her make some of her dreams come true. 

Find a Peaceful Spot: All kids need a spot where they can be alone with their thoughts and relax without disruption. Allow your child the chance to get away from it all, even from you, with a special place she can go to find peace. It might be her bedroom, or a spot outdoors, but make sure she knows it's a special place for her to go to think, work through problems, and dream about the future. 


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