Helping Children Cope with Medical Care

A List of Medical Supplies and Equipment for Children

Children can have different physical, psychological, and emotional reactions to disease, injury, and treatment than adults. Here are some resources to consider whether you are planning to:
  • outfit and equip a hospital, clinic, emergency room, rehabilitation center, or home for children,
  • learn more about what equipment is available for children with special needs when sitting, standing, or positioning, or
  • preparing to purchase the appropriate transport, such as a wheelchair or stroller, for a child.

Kid-Friendly Medical Supplies

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Want to remove some of the fear and anxiety kids experience when going to see the doctor or when they have to stay in the hospital overnight? How about your pediatric emergency room or urgent care clinic? There are several manufacturers that specialize in designing medical supplies for children. They incorporate animals, bright colors, and cartoon characters into:

  • medical instruments like reflex hammers, pen lights, nebulizers, blood pressure cuffs, and oxygen masks,
  • exam tables and exam table paper,
  • wall decals
  • and rollers and walkers.

By using as many of these motifs in your healthcare environment as you can, you'll have a better chance keeping your pediatric patient distracted, entertained, and relaxed while your staff delivers the care that they need.

Pediatric Wheelchair Choices

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All wheelchairs are not created equal. They are not really a "one-size-fits-all" item. Children have different requirements than adults when selecting the appropriate wheelchair. Here are 10 considerations when choosing a pediatric wheelchair.

This article also lists some popular pediatric wheelchair brands to get you started in your selection.

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Twelve Types of Wheelchairs

Spc. David Helfman (left), and Spc. Keisha Barajas, both with U.S. Army Civil Affairs Team 31, fit Ahmad into his pediatric wheelchair Feb.7. Ahmad was one of three Iraqi children in Mahmudiyah to receive wheelchairs donated by Wheelchairs for Iraqi Kids. Photo (c) Public Domain
Learn more about different types of wheelchairs, including number 11 in the list, "Pediatric Wheelchairs."

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Adaptive Strollers for Children with Special Needs

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Young children may suffer from an injury, or may be born with a certain illness, that inhibits them from sitting upright safely in a traditional stroller. Learn how a special class of strollers called "adaptive strollers" can keep your child safe and secure while you explore the world together. You'll also find several models that can get you started in your search for the right adaptive stroller.

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Positioning Equipment for Children with Cerebral Palsy and Muscular Dystrophy

"Carrie" Seating System. Copyright (c) Patterson Medical

Children with special needs as a result of cerebral palsy or muscular dystrophy for example will often have trouble getting into physical positions that other children may take for granted. For example, sitting upright on the floor or in a chair, sitting at a table with the posture needed to effectively feed themselves, standing on their own, or laying down either on their back or in the prone position (on their stomach while keeping their head upright), are all common difficulties.

This article will take you deeper into understanding the products available by a manufacturer known as "Tumble Forms 2". The article shows examples of universal positioners that can be reconfigured for different uses. Tumble Forms 2 makes pediatric positioners of all kinds with foam pads for comfort and antimicrobial coatings to help keep the equipment clean.

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Special Tomato's Comfortable Therapy Equipment for Children With Special Needs

Special Tomato Sitter with Mobile Tilt Wedge Kit. Copyright (c) Special Tomato

Special Tomato is another popular manufacturer of pediatric positioning equipment. Learn how the company was founded, and how they also design their products for comfort and cleanliness.

A few of the products described here that Special Tomato makes are therapy rolls, therapy wedges, and special sitters (seats that keep the child in a safe and upright seated position).

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More Positioning Products for Special Needs Children

EIO Push Chair by Special Tomato. Copyright (c) Special Tomato

Learn about a three more classes of products designed and manufactured by Special Tomato, including:

  • The EIO Push Chair, a type of adaptive stroller;
  • The Height Right Chair, a type of highchair;
  • Soft-Touch Liners, a series of foam cushioned seat liners.

Jenx Medical Supply Seating Systems for Disabled Children with Special Needs

Jenx Bee Seating System. Copyright (c) Jenx

Jenx is another manufacturer specializing in equipment for children with special needs, such as down syndrome, muscular dystrophy, and cerebral palsy. Learn about their unique seating systems--chairs that adapt to different positioning needs, as well as different sizes, as the child grows.

Featured in this article:

  • The Bee Seating System
  • The Junior Seating System

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Two New Jenx Seating Systems for Disabled Children with Special Needs

Multiseat by Jenx. Copyright (c) Jenx

Here are two more products from Jenx featured for your consideration:

  • The Jenx Multiseat
  • The Jenx Corner Seat

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