High School Graduation Gift Guide

Graduation Gift Ideas for Teens

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 It’s hard to know what to get a high school graduate for a graduation gift. As a teen enters into the adult world, there are usually plenty of items that could make a great gift. Whether you’re looking for something practical or something a little whimsical, I’ve gathered up some of the best graduation gift ideas from About.com to help you in your search.

In addition to these 50 graduation gift ideas, check out these graduation gift ideas from other experts at About.com to help you in your search.


1. Homemade Graduation Gifts 

Homemade graduation gifts can provide a unique yet sentimental  keepsake. Family Crafts Expert, Sherri Osborn, offers graduation gift ideas ranging from t-shirt memory quilts to scrapbooks.

 2. Books

Look for gifts that offer practical advice on money, college, or career opportunities. Of course, you don’t have to purchase serious or practical books.  Children’s books can make a sentimental and inspiring gift idea as well.

3. Travel Gifts

If your teen dreams about backpacking across Europe or wants to study abroad, travel gifts can come in handy. You can offer the gift of a trip or tour or provide the accessories needed for a serious trip. 

4. Computer Gifts

If your teen could use a new computer, About.com’s PC/Hardware Expert, Mark Kyrnin, has some tips for the best graduation computers. Whether you’re struggling to find the best laptop or you’re considering a tablet, check out these tips and suggestions to aid your search.

5. Men’s Clothing and Accessories

While a pearl necklace or pair of earrings can be appropriate for female graduates, finding the right fashion-related gifts for the males can seem a little trickier. Daniel Billett, About.com’s Men’s Fashion Expert, offers some wonderful suggestions for the boys. 

6. College Survival Kit

Family Crafts Expert, Sherri Osborn, offers another fun idea for a teen headed off to college. The college survival kit is an inexpensive homemade idea that offers fun paired with practical advice. You can stick to the instructions or add your own little pieces of inspiration to personalize your gift.

7. Electronics

Whether your teen is moving into an apartment or heading off to college, electronics can be a welcomed gift. His suggestions range from cell phones to flat screens and he’s got some excellent suggestions for a variety of budgets.

8.  Gifts for Teens Moving  Out

Whether your teen is headed for a dorm room or looking to rent an apartment, Interior Decorating Expert, Coral Nafie, has some practical graduation gift suggestions. Many teens can benefit from anything ranging from a blanket to a small toolkit to help them when they’re on their own.

9. Care Package Gift Certificate

If you're not sure what to give for a gift, a gift certificate for a care package is a unique gift that will likely be appreciated down the road. It also makes a great gift idea for your teen’s friends. Young Adults Expert, Jackie Burrell, explains how you can provide postcards that can be mailed from college that say things like, “Please send your homemade chocolate chip cookies!” This personalized gift can help cure homesickness and assist your teen during a stressful week of exams.

10. Origami Money in the Shape of a Shirt

I don’t know of any teen who wouldn’t be happy with the gift of money. If you’re looking for a unique way to present it, fold the cash into the shape of a dress shirt. Origami Expert, Dana Hinds, shows a photo. Click on the link and you can find the instructions on how to make your own.

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