High School Graduation Party Planner and Ideas

Fun Ideas and Graduation Party Planning Resources

Host a graduation party your teen will remember forever.
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Whether it's a small get-together or a large bash, high school graduation party requires a fair amount of planning. The more time you invest planning the party, the less time you'll need to spend worrying about all those last-minute details.

Whose Graduation Party Is It?

How much input should my teen have on their graduation party? A simple way to figure that out would be to ask your teen. Some want complete control the direction of their party, while others don't want to be bothered with the details.Give your teen as much or as little input as she prefers.


Make Some Basic Decisions About the Party

Are you planning a large graduation party or a small dinner? Graduation parties can range from informal backyard barbecues to smaller gatherings with immediate family. Think about what type of party will suite your teen best.

Set a Date and Time for the Graduation Party

This can be harder than you think since Mother's Day and Memorial Day occur around the same time as most high school graduations. Your teen's friends will also likely be throwing parties of their own so you'll need to consider whether your teen wants your friends to attend as well. 

Find a Place to Have the Graduation Party 

If you are going to use a hall, park or restaurant, you’ll need to begin planning this while you're picking a date. If you are going to use your home, jot down things you might want to rent, such as a tent.

Plan Your Graduation Party Budget 

Create a reasonable party budget.

Write down everything you're going to want to purchase and add up the cost. The cost of food, party favors, invitations, and decorations can add up fast if you're not careful. 

Create a Guest List 

The size of your event will help with this. Your graduate will need to sit down with you and make a list of friends.

Be prepared! They will most likely change this list many times. 

Choose a Theme

While the overall theme will be the graduation, you’ll need more than that to pull your party together. A theme for a graduation party can be as simple as the school colors or as detailed as the graduate's college major. Choosing a theme will help you purchase supplies and decide on menus. 

Purchase Party Supplies 

Paper products, decorations, and invitations, are just a few of the things you’ll need for the party. Be sure to price out these things and write them down on your budget. 

Decide on the Menu 

Will you be having a caterer make the food or will you be doing it yourself? Either way, you’ll need to decide if you are serving a meal or just finger foods. Don't forget the cake!

Enlist Help 

Don't feel like you have to do everything. If your teen has a lot of demands or requests, make sure she helps you with the planning and preparation. Get other friends and family to help out as well so you don't have to do anything.

You'll want to make sure you have an opportunity to enjoy your teen's party.

Tricks and Tips for Graduation Parties

  • Create a guest book that will allow guests to write a message to your teen. Words of wisdom, heartfelt advice, and words of encouragement can go a long way to helping your teen feel confident in the future. 
  • Make a time capsule. Have each person bring something that has to do with their years in high school. Place this in a box and give it to someone for safe keeping until their 10-year reunion.
  • Sometimes, a few games can make the party a lot more fun. Play pin the mustache on the teacher. Blow up a picture from the year book of one of the teachers, your teen will give you an idea of which one. Make mustaches out of cut-out black construction paper. Place tape on the back of each mustache. Then the game proceeds just like pin the tail on the donkey.
  • Place the name of a teacher on a sticky label. When a guest comes in, stick it on their back. They have to ask other guests yes-or-no questions about the teacher and guess who it is by the end of the night.

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