What is a Hip Pointer Injury?

Pain Over the Outside of the Joint from Trauma

American Footballers assisting injured team mate
A hip pointer is an injury often seen in football players. DigitalVision/Getty

A hip pointer is an injury to the pelvis caused by a direct blow to the bone, often seen in contact sports such as football.  A hip pointer is an injury is to the iliac crest, the bony prominence that can be felt along the waist line. When someone sustains a hip pointer injury, the bone and overlying muscle can be bruised.

In more serious cases of hip pointer, the hit can be so severe that a fracture of the bone results.

While the treatment may not change, a fracture will likely cause a delay in healing and more painful symptoms.

Hip Pointer Treatment

Treatment of a hip pointer is best accomplished with rest. Ice applications and anti-inflammatory medication will also help, but only time will heal the injury. X-rays of the pelvis may be obtained if a fracture is suspected.

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