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Reinventing the fanny pack as a fashionable and flattering accessory

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How do you carry your walking essentials to keep them secure when you don't want to carry a pack or purse? It's even more of a problem when you don't have any pockets, let alone pockets that will accommodate what you want to carry without looking like you've grown huge hip tumors.

hipS-sister is a slip-on hip-hugging accessory with pockets for holding your stuff. It's a continuous tube, so you don't have any obnoxious buckles or straps such as with a fanny pack.

It's light enough to wear over or under your pants, shorts or skirts.

  • The basic Left Coast Sister is five inches wide and has two 5-inch zippered pockets. It also has a stealth drop-in pocket in front, perfect for your phone.
  • The Global Sister is seven inches wide with 6x6-inch pockets, which fit a passport a little easier (although it fits into the 5-inch pocket snugly).
  • The Park City Sister has two hand-warming pockets and a Vegas Sister in fun designs, plus a Swim Sister that is longer and you can wear as a swimsuit cover-up.
  • The Sparkle Sister has rhinestone designs added to your favorite hips-sister.

What can you put in those pockets? Keys, ID, cards, cash, lip balm, energy snacks, phone, iPod, basically whatever would go into your pants pockets or fanny pack.

The drop-in pocket expands enough to carry a bottle of water, although it should be a short one or it might flip out of the pocket.

Also, holding it close to your body will warm up the water.

The hipS-sister is machine-washable, so go ahead and get it sweaty.

They come in size XS for girls, small/medium, medium/large, and Plus. The Plus size should fit pants sizes 16-22.

Why to Wear the hipS-sister

For fitness walking and running, the hipS-Sister is a great solution for how to carry your essentials and still have quick access to them.

I need frequent access to my iPhone for recording my workout,  navigating, taking photos and listening to audio. But it's obnoxiously bulky in a pants pocket, and in warmer weather I'm not wearing a jacket with a handy vest pocket. Although I almost always wear a hydration pack, anything stored in it isn't easy to get to. It's great to have my walking snacks and tissues for the inevitable nose drips

For travel and urban living, the hipS-sister is a great way to securely carry your money, ID, cards and even your passport. Your valuables are stashed away stealthily rather than being in a purse or pack that is tempting for thieves. You can wear it over your pants for convenience or inside your pants for extra security.

For gym workouts, the hipS-sister works great to make sure you have your valuables on you rather than in an insecure locker. I have a walking buddy who lost her wedding ring and other valuables to gym thief who cut the padlock off her gym locker. The hipS-sister won't get in the way of your workout as it is flat against your body.

Bottom Line on hipS-sister

I really like the design, both for 15 minute walks when I want a place to carry my phone and keys and for walking a half marathon and carrying snacks, camera, ID, and more.

After getting a sample to review, I bought the Sparkle Sister version with 13.1 (the distance of a half marathon in miles) in rhinestones. I plan to pin my race number to it during the race. I like the drop-in pocket for my camera as I usually take photos during a race for my reviews and I need easy access to it.

I was using the FlipBelt for these same purposes, but it has slit openings rather than zippers. I like the extra security of the zippered pockets with the hipS-sister.

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Disclosure: Review samples were provided by the manufacturer.

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