Holiday Bonuses for Babysitters and Nannies

Find out what to give your nanny or babysitter as a holiday bonus

Anyone with kids knows how important it is to find a trustworthy, dedicated and loyal nanny or babysitter. Nannies and babysitters take care of the most important people in our lives and they do demanding and tiring work everyday. Their love for your child(ren) and devotion to their job is what allows you to go to work without worrying about your child's safety or happiness.

Traditionally the holiday season is when parents show appreciation for their caregiver's hard work with a holiday gift or bonus.

If you plan to give a bonus at your nanny's annual review and not during the holidays you should discuss this with your caregiver in advance so they do not expect one at holiday season. The size of the bonus depends on your families financial status and the area you live in (rural versus city). It is important to be consistent with your bonus year to year. If you cut corners for financial reasons, but do not explain this to your nanny, they might be resentful or confused that they are doing a bad job.

I rounded up few sources to show the trends on what is appropriate to give as a holiday bonus or gift and how much to spend:

According to a survey by

  • 60 percent of families give their nannies a holiday bonus
  • 31% percent of families only give a present
  • 9% give nothing at all.

According to a survey by, which rounded up information from over 400 parents in the United States:


77% of parents give their babysitter a holiday bonus or gift, 33% of parents give a cash bonus, 44% give a gift or store card, 23% give a combo of money and gift.

In terms of the amount of the bonus:

  • 24% give no tips
  • 12% give less than $15
  • 18% give $15-$25
  • 34% give $25-$50
  • 10% give $50-$100
  • 2% give over $100


97% of parents give their full-time nanny a holiday bonus or gift, 46% of parents give their nanny a cash bonus, 11% of parents give a gift or store gift card, 43% of parents give a combo money and gift.

In terms of the amount of the bonus:

  • 25% give less than 1 week salary
  • 36% give 1 week's pay
  • 36% give 2 week's pay
  • 3% give 3 week's pay

According to a survey by Park Slope Parents, which rounded up information from over 400 families around Park Slope in Brooklyn, NY.


  • 60% give a week’s pay,
  • 15% give two week’s pay
  • 25% give an amount unrelated to pay.
  • 96% give money/gift card
  • 37% also giving a non-monetary gift.
  • One in five also have a gift that the kids make for the nanny.
  • For families who hired a nanny in the last year (about a quarter of the sample), even those who hired a nanny less than six months ago, plan on giving about 60% of the average amount reported. Those who hired a nanny six-12 months’ report paying close to 90% of the average amount reported.
  • Range $25-$2,500.

Take this time to show your nanny that you appreciate them. If the thought of giving a bonus is frustrating to you, it may be time to rethink how pleased you are with your nanny. The holidays are a great time for a review to discuss your expectations and provide performance feedback so you both can start off the new year in a positive light.

Happy Holidays!

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