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Here are some quick ideas for sharing the big news of your pregnancy during the holidays. A collection a fun ways to say, "I'm pregnant!" during the holidays for everyone as shared by other mothers. (Remember even if it's not a holiday you celebrate you can use the idea and tailor it to your needs.)

I found I was pregnant two weeks after arriving in the US from Australia. I had lost my brother to a brain tumor only one month before we left. For my parents, it was like losing two children at once. I waited until Christmas and I rang them in tears of joy at the great news I knew this would deflect from the sadness of the absence of my brother at Christmas for them. They said it was the best Christmas present they could have ever had. For our siblings, we sent them all calendars for Christmas, and on our due date, we had a small card attached telling them they were going to be aunties and uncles.


What's in a (baby) name?

Although my husband and I were not trying for children, we were both overjoyed to learn we were expecting our first child in June. We decided to keep it hush, and waited to tell our family until Christmas time. His mother was always hinting that she wanted to be a grandmother, and since he has no siblings, it was up to him. At Christmas time, we bought a baby name book and stuck the ultrasound picture in the middle. We put it in a box, wrapped it and were anticipating the look on her face. It was absolutely priceless.


Put it in the Christmas Stocking

The week before Christmas we found out that we were expecting our second and last baby. We decided to wait until Christmas Day to share our secret. We were standing in line at the grocery store when I came up with the perfect way to let everyone know. I spotted a pocket size book of baby names and added it to our order. I took it home and stuffed it into the middle of my mother's stocking. On Christmas morning everyone gathered at Mom's to decorate the tree and house. We also exchanged gifts and shared breakfast. I made everyone watch Mom checking her stocking without telling them why. Dave (my husband) had the camcorder rolling to catch the reactions. Mom seemed to take forever to find that book. I thought I would bust. She finally pulled out the book and said, "oooo I got a book of baby names." Then all of a sudden she was saying "oh my God, oh my God " over and over. My sister just looked at me disbelievingly and said, "No,no, no. Are you having another one? You're crazy." All I could do was nod and laugh and cry. It was wonderful and I can't wait to show it to our son when he's older. Maybe my sister was right. Maybe I am a little crazy since our daughter will only be 15 months when our son is born. Anyway, I thought it was a wonderful way to share the news.


Grandparents Charms

My husband and I found out we were expecting on Halloween. As my family lives in another state, we wanted to wait to tell them of the new arrival until we could see them in person, which would be during the Christmas holidays, just in time to be through with the first trimester. Several years ago I gave both my mother and mother-in-law toll-painted heart frames with dowels running through the centers on which you could place little toll-painted dolls, personalized with the names of each of their grandchildren. To break the news, we ordered an (as yet) unpersonalized boy and girl doll for each grandmother and placed them in their stockings when we opened presents with my husband's family and then, two days later, with mine; it was fun to watch the wheels turn in their minds while they figured out just what we were telling them. Both cried, and we were grateful to share a wonderful personal experience with our families as we announced this new life.


Baby Bibs

My husband and I found out we were going to have a baby a few weeks before Christmas. We decided to wait until after we saw my doctor who confirmed my pregnancy and gave us a due date. We wanted to tell my husband's parents in a special way so we bought two bibs. One said "I Love Grandma" and the other "I Love Grandpa." We put the bibs in Christmas bags and asked them to open them at the same time. They were in shock at first and then we all started to cry. That night my husband's parents took pictures of themselves holding the bibs up to their necks and a big smile on their faces.

A Very Special Present

When my husband and I found out we were pregnant October, we decided to surprise our parents at Christmas. Our main reason for this was to make it through the first trimester. I found signs for the grandparents that said "Nana and Papa's House" and "Grandma and Grandpa's House." Together we made a card for each that said - "Guess who's having a baby?" We met all of them along with close family friends that my parents brought with them at Pizza Hut. Before we ordered we gave the grandparents, uncle, and aunt their presents. The grandparent's presents were wrapped and were address "TO: Grandma and Grandpa; ​FROM: Your Grandbaby." My parents were so happy and my Dad (Popsey) cried. My husband's parents said, "Are you serious." Oh well, we had a fun time and enjoyed dinner with our families and friends. The best part, my brother brought the camcorder (he didn't even know he would need it) and got it all on tape for us to keep forever.


Fortune Baby Booties

We found out we were expecting close to Christmas so we decided we would wait and surprise our family the morning we were all opening our gifts. We decided that we would make "fortune booties" and so we bought the smallest baby booties we could find (one for every family present) and we put a small fortune inside of it that read "Confucius sees a new addition to your family. Your lucky day is July 31st." We then wrapped the booties and on Christmas morning gave everyone tier package at the same time after all the gifts were opened (saved the best for last). We had even managed to courier some to our family that was not present that morning to arrive Christmas morning. Our family all opened the gifts and were a little confused and then almost started screaming simultaneously. It was a moment we will NEVER forget and neither will they.


Christmas Pregnancy Test

I just knew the test would be positive this time and thought it would be neat to have the husband be the first to know for once. I took the test, carefully wrapped it in Christmas wrapping paper without looking at the results, and presented it to my husband with a note attached saying one line=not pregnant, two lines=BABY!!! He unwrapped it...looked at me stunned and nose scrunched and said, "Two lines what?" Our wonderful sweet son Jack is 2 and 1/2 now and sister is on her way!


Thanksgiving or Other Holiday or Family Gathering

When I found out I was pregnant, I made a sweatshirt for my almost 2-year old son to wear when daddy got home from work. It read "I'm gonna be a big brother!" Daddy was surprised and very happy when he got home from work that day! We're going to have my son wear the same sweatshirt when we go to my family's house and when he takes off his coat, everyone's in for a big surprise!

Thanksgiving Bibs

My husband and I are 11 weeks pregnant with our first baby. I could not resist the urge to immediately tell my parents with whom I am very close. However, we decided to wait to tell my husband's family until we were close to our second trimester. Having been too big-mouthed to make a creative announcement to my parents, I'm excited to do something fun to tell his parents. We are going to see his family for Thanksgiving which is almost exactly 3 months. I found an adorable baby bib that brags "Spoiled by Grandma." We are going to wrap it up in nondescript wrapping paper and simply present it as something they will need next summer. I can't wait to see the excited reaction!​

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