Holidays and Special Days in the First Week of April

April Calendar
April Calendar. Image credit: prawny / 123RF Stock Photo

What can you and your child learn about in the first seven days of April?  What activities can you and your child engage in?  What holidays can you celebrate?  In addition to April Fools Day, the special days listed here should be of interest to gifted children and their families.

April 1

  1. April Fools Day
    Who doesn't like April Fools Day? It is a day to be creative with pranks to pull on friends and family. And parents? You can play some pranks on the kids, too - like putting a plastic bug or two in their school lunch box. You might want to have a chat with your child about what makes a joke funny and what makes one just mean. Then have fun and laugh!
  1. Reading is Funny Day
    April 1st is the perfect day to celebrate Reading is Funny Day. After all, it is also April Fools Day. April Fools Day pranks can make us laugh, but so can many books, and who doesn't like to laugh? While many gifted kids need no encouragement to read, some are reluctant readers (especially when it comes to poetry!) Get your reluctant reader some books to make him laugh and he just might begin to see some value in reading. But it's not just reluctant readers who enjoy a humorous book. Avid readers will love them too!

April 2

International Children's Book Day
This holiday is celebrated on April 2 because that is the birth date of Hans Christian Andersen, a Danish author best known for his fairytales for children, such as "The Ugly Duckling" and "The Princess and the Pea." The day is meant to promote a love of reading, which for most gifted kids isn't difficult to do!

April 3

Pony Express Day
Now that we have email that we can send and receive in just seconds, it's hard for kids to imagine life before email. We used to have to write letters, wait for them to be delivered in a few days, hope the person who got the letter responded immediately, and then wait a few more days for a return letter.

So if we were lucky, we'd get a letter back in a week. But back in the early days of the settling of the American west, people had to rely on riders for the Pony Express to deliver mail. Thanks to those Pony Express Riders, mail could go from one coast to the other in ten days. It could take a month to get a return letter, but all things considered, that was pretty fast!

April 4

Tell A Lie Day
This is an odd thing to celebrate, but rather than spending the day thinking of untruths to share and encouraging your kids to do the same, have some discussions about lies. You might talk about the different reasons people lie - to avoid getting in trouble, to appear better than they are, to cover insecurities. There are many reasons. Some reasons are more acceptable than others. For example, we often tell white lies to avoid hurting someone's feelings. Some gifted kids can be pretty blunt so even if they want to tell the absolute truth all the time, it might be useful to discuss how best to tell the truth without hurting feelings. We might also tell lies when we write stories, but of course there is a difference between making up stories for a work of fiction and making up stories in our real life!

April 7

Metric System Day
This holiday, which doesn't seem to be celebrated much, is meant to promote the understanding and use of the metric system. Most of the world already uses it, but the US is slow in catching up. But it's not surprising as virtually all measurements would be different from those we are accustomed to. It may be a long while before the US switches to a metric system, but that doesn't mean you can't help your child learn to use it!

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