Holidays and Special Days in the First Week of August

The First Seven Days

August Calendar
August Calendar. Image credit: zavulonya / 123RF Stock Photo

What can you and your child learn about in the first seven days of August?  What activities can you and your child engage in?  What holidays can you celebrate?

August 1

US Air Force Day
On August 1, 1907, the Army Signal corps created an Aeronautical Division meant to take charge of all manner of aeronautical machines and objects, including military balloons. In honor of the 40th anniversary of the establishment of that division, President Harry Truman, on August 1, 1947, established Air Force Day on August 1, 1947.

This is a great day to learn about airplanes and the U.S. Air Force.

August 2

  1. Friendship Day (first Sunday in August)
    Friendship Day is a Hallmark holiday. That is, it is a holiday created by Hallmark in 1919 and is meant for people to celebrate their friendships by sending their friends greetings cards. Since its creation in 1919, it has become more than just another greeting card holiday. In 1935, congress declared it a holiday and now It is a day to not just celebrate friendships by sending cards, but to appreciate our friends and what they do for us. Gifted kids don't always have an easy time fitting in and finding friends, so it's an especially important holiday for them.
  1. American Family Day (first Sunday in August)
    Family Day isn't a day to buy a present for everyone in the family. In fact, gift giving on this day is discouraged. Instead, families are encouraged to spend the day together. It can be hard these days with everyone's busy schedules to find the time to be together. As families get bigger and some of the children get older, it becomes more and more difficult.
  1. Dinosaurs Day
    Just about every day in our house used to be dinosaur day! That is because my son was something of a dino scholar - at age 4. Most kids love learning about dinosaurs. They love thinking about dinosaurs, drawing pictures of dinosaurs, writing stories about dinosaurs, playing dinosaur games... In other words, they love everything related to dinosaurs. This is a good day to start -- or plan to complete -- a dinosaur project. Your child can read all about dinosaurs, then draw pictures, write a story, create a diorama - the possibilities are endless.

August 4

  1. Coast Guard Day
    Back on August 4, 1790, Alexander Hamilton, who was the Secretary of the Treasure, authorized the building of ten Revenue Service cutters. This small fleet of ships was to be responsible for enforcing tariff laws enacted by congress under the relatively new American Consitution. The establishment of this fleet was the founding of the U.S. Coast, which was then known as the Revenue Cutter Service. That founding is now commemorated every August 4th as Coast Guard Day. What can you and your child learn about the Coast Guard on this day?
  1. National Backgammon Day
    We humans love to play games. Humans have been playing games seemingly forever, and backgammon is among one of the oldest games played, like chess. It is at least 5,000 years old.

August 7

Sea Serpent Day
No one seems to know just where this day originated, but it's still a fun day to celebrate. What exactly is a sea serpent anyway? Basically, sea serpents are large sea creatures that look like giant serpents. Sailors have been reporting them for hundreds of years. If you've ever heard of the Lake Ness Monster, then you have a good idea of just what a sea serpent is.

Some people believe that sailors (and others) have simply misidentified what they have seen, but others insist that "sea serpents" exist and are some form of prehistoric creature that live in the depths of the ocean (or Loch Ness). Mythology is full of stories of sea serpents.

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