Holidays and Special Days in the Second Week of January

The Second Seven Days

January Calendar
January Calendar. Image credit: ankudi / 123RF Stock Photo

What can you and your child learn about in the second seven days of January? What activities can you and your child engage in? What holidays can you celebrate?; In addition to New Year's Day that everyone loves to celebrate one way or another, the special days listed here should be of interest to gifted children and their families

January 8

Bubble Bath Day
How many moms have indulged in a bubble bath at the end of a stressful day?

There is just something that makes a bubble bath relaxing. For adults, they are luxurious and soothing. For kids, they are just plain fun. And that's part of what makes them relaxing for kids. When kids are stressed out from school, a bubble bath might be just what they need. Bath toys are fun, but they can be more fun with all those bubbles. One caution, though, bubble bath lotions can be irritating for little children, so you don't want to use a bubble bath meant for adults. You can find bubble bath options that are safe for kids and that can be fun for them on this day if on no other!

January 9

  1. National Static Electricity Day
    When I was growing up, my brothers and I use to annoy each other with static electricity. We would drag our feet across the carpet and then touch each other. Without humidifiers, the shock could be a "good" one in the winter time. Sometimes, we'd turn the lights out so we could see the electricity. Static electricity is a fun way for kids to learn about electricity and have some fun while doing it.
  1. Word Nerd Day
    I admit it. I am a word nerd! I love words and word games. Is your child a word nerd too? Then this is the day to encourage that interest in words and indulge in word nerdiness! One way to do that is to play some word games; another way is to learn a bit about words - roots and affixes. Affixes are those word parts that go before an after roots. Those that go before roots are "prefixes"; those that come after are "suffixes.

    January 10

    Peculiar People Day
    A day just for me!! I've been called a lot of things, including weird, odd, and eccentric. I think that might qualify for being peculiar. I'm sure I'm not the only one this day is tailor made for. Even if neither you nor your child is peculiar, you probably know someone who is. This is a day to celebrate that person's peculiarity and the diversity and fun peculiar people bring to our lives. How about writing a poem for the special peculiar friend or family member?

    January 13

    Make Your Dream Come True Day
    It can be easy for some kids (and adults) to get discouraged when trying to make their dreams come true. And not everyone will be able to make it happen. However, no dreams can ever come true if one gets discouraged and gives up before giving it a chance. Hard work and dedication can help; dreams don't come true by wishing. I'm a fan of televised talent competitions because I think they show viewers how hard work pays off. They do also show that not everyone who works hard makes it to the top, but those who don't work hard don't get very far.

    January 14

    Ratification Day (Treaty of Paris)
    What is Ratification Day and what is the Treaty of Paris?

    The Treaty of Paris is the treaty that ended the American Revolutionary War and Ratification Day is the day that the treaty was ratified: January 14, 1784. I love American history and I think this is a good day to teach our kids about that war and everything that was sacrificed to fight and win it. One interesting thing many people don't realize about the treaty is that King George acknowledged the sovereignty of the 13 colonies - not one single fledgeling nation, but 13 separate, sovereign states.

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