Holidays and Special Days in the Third Week of March

March Calendar
March Calendar. Image credit: kilukilu / 123RF Stock Photo

Holidays and Special Days in the Third Week of March

What can you and your child learn about in the third seven days of March? What activities can you and your child engage in? What holidays can you celebrate? The special days listed here should be of interest to gifted children and their families.

March 17

St. Patrick's Day
This is a holiday most everyone loves. It's a day that brings out the Irish in us -- even if we're not even remotely Irish!

It's just fun to watch the Irish parades, listen to Irish music, and wear green.

March 18

Supreme Sacrifice Day
This is a day to honor and show appreciation for those who have made sacrifices on our behalf. For children, that could be their parents. But it could be others as well. We can all be appreciative of our military men and women, as well as firefighters and police officers, particularly those who made the supreme sacrifice of giving up their lives to protect and save others.

March 20

  1. International Earth Day
    I love the Earth. It's my home. (At least I think it is. There have been days when I wasn't sure.) Many people take the Earth for granted. It's just here. We live on it, but we don't think about it every day. We don't think about how what is on, under, and above the Earth interacts so perfectly. Today is a good day to get your child thinking about the Earth, the environment, and ecology.
  1. First Day of Spring
    Spring is the symbol of renewal. Trees which lost their leaves and looked dead all winter begin to show signs of coming back to live as leave buds begin to show up. The same is true for many shrubs and for all flowers. The atmosphere which had been a bit drab begins to show signs of color as flowers come back to life. Birds begin to fly back from warmer regions, and the air becomes warmer and brighter. It's a sign of rebirth. It's no wonder we are all so happy to see spring arrive.
  1. Absolutely Incredible Kid Day (Third Thursday in March)
    To me having a gifted kid at home made every day Incredible Kid Day.  Well, maybe not every day, but a lot of them!  Sure gifted children can sometimes make you want to pull your hair out, but they can also bring so much joy. They can be fun to be with and interesting to talk to. They can frustrate us, but they can also amaze us. They really are incredible!  This is a day to let them know how incredible they are!

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