Home Remedy for Back Muscle Tension

Home Remedies for Back Pain Can Be Fun and Relaxing

Hypersensitivity can be part of a chronic neck or back pain problem.
Tension and stress often come with a back injury. Cath Riley/Ikon Images/Getty Images

Home Remedies for Back Pain Can Be Fun and Relaxing

Stress can make a bad back feel worse.  Sometimes it's physical – for example, at those times when you simply have more tension in your muscles than you can handle.  Other times, it's mental.  In this article, I present several mind-body tension tamers that address both types of stress.

Home Remedy for Back Tension - Let it Go

If you have back muscle tension, a deceptively simple solution is to lie down on your back with your knees bent and your feet flat on the floor (this is called the hooklying position,) and take a few deep breaths.  Especially as you exhale, imagine the tension draining out your back.  Let the earth below you swallow it up. Let it all go. 

When I do this exercise, I am always amazed at how little time it takes to clear the muscle related pain from my back. Success with this one is really a matter of giving the experience full focus and cooperation. 

Home Remedy for Back Tension - Go to Your Happy Place

An ocean wave.
An ocean wave. Vince Cavataio / Design Pics / Perspectives / Getty Images

When you experience pain that is  brought about or made worse by stress and tension, it may be time to go to your happy place. 

Do you like the ocean?  Or the forest?  Or maybe watching clouds helps you relax. 

You can imagine yourself right smack dab in the middle of any of these scenes, or in other scenes that work better for you.  Your creativity and ideas are the limit here.

One tip – the more you have solid knowledge and experience – which includes carefully looking at enough pictures – of your happy place, the more likely it is you’ll be able to transport yourself there in a way that seems real to you. Above you can see one of my favorite happy places.  If you like the ocean, study and enjoy the picture on this page well and then use the input to imagine a strong wave washing over you, and washing your pain away.

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Home Remedy for Back Muscle Tension - Use Breathing to Your Advantage

A beautiful ocean wave.
Let the image of an ocean wash away your tension. Wave. By:MakenaStockMedia / Design Pics Perspectives

As long as we’re talking about ocean waves, here’s another technique.  This tip is courtesy of Mike Hage, who wrote The Back Pain Book.  Mike was the Physical Therapy Supervisor in the Pain Management program at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago. 

As you inhale imagine an ocean wave is washing over you, only this time it moves slowly and gently.  The more the air comes in the more the wave swells and peaks.  

I add to Mike's technique that you can even control the speed and intensity of the wave to match how you’re feeling and what you need at the moment.

When you exhale, imagine the wave gets flatter, lower and more spread out.  As the wave broadens, allow it to drain out unnecessary holding and tension.  In other words, allow the exhale, in combination with the wave, to cool your hot pain circuits and calm you down.

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Hage, M., The Back Pain Book. Peachtree Publishers. Atlanta, GA. 2005.

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