Plan The Perfect At-Home Valentine's Date Night With Baby

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If you're anything like me, you don't put too much stock into Valentine's Day. I mean, let's be real, you rarely have time to take a shower these days with a baby at home and the thought of finding a babysitter, shelling out major cash for a dinner you'll spend wondering if the baby is OK, and then paying the price for having a drink or two doesn't always sound so appealing. 

And the crowds on Valentine's Day!

Who wants to deal with all the crowds when you could be home in your yoga pants, doing the parental version of Netflix and chill, which is "browse Netflix, argue about what to watch, then fall asleep instantly"? 

But still, it can be totally fun to break up your routine as parents and celebrate the love that landed you with that new baby in the first place, so let's compromise: you can still have a fun and romantic date night, just at home with your baby. Saves money, time, and you can keep your yoga pants on. (Or don't, no judgement here.) 

So consider me your personal date night planner for creating the perfect at-home Valentine's Date night, baby included.

1. Cook Up A Special Treat

Obviously, the most important way to celebrate Valentine's Day is with food. I know they say that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, but that's just silly, because the truth is, the way to anyone's heart is through the stomach, male or female.

Food = life and chocolate = better life. 

If you have the energy, whip up a delicious Valentine's Day dinner. If you don't have the energy, even better- just order out and get fancy for desert with a super easy chocolate-covered strawberries. 

2. Set The Scene

One of my favorite ways to feel festive around the holidays is to just print cute decorations for free for our home.

You can make anything, from a banner to hang on the fireplace or wall, "chandeliers" to hang from the ceiling, table runners, or framed prints to spruce up your space. It's easy and makes a difference in a home. I love the ideas for dressing up a table for Valentine's Day with free printable menus and decorations. So cute and easy enough to do with a baby in your arms, which is priority #1 for me. 

3. Get Creative

Instead of boring dinner out, consider browsing ideas for an entire day dedicated to the love of your life. One date night expert suggested making a dream come true for your beloved. Bring his dream to life with a themed dinner or a special surprise dedicated to his dream.

I remember one year, I made an email address and created a portfolio for my husband dedicated to his side venture as a woodworker -- it was a small, slightly cheesy gesture, but it was my way of showing him support for what he loved.

4. Say It In Words

A lot of times, as exhausted parents, I think it's easy to fall in a rut of not really appreciating our partners, so it's nice every now and then to take pause and sincerely thank each your significant other for all that he or she does, both as a life partner and as a parent.

As an easy, brainless way to show your love, even on 2 hours of sleep, you can print a Valentine's Day card and simply list all the ways that you are grateful to your partner. 

5. Que Up A Romantic Movie

Honestly, watching an entire movie together feels like the most luxurious kind of date night around for me and my husband. We celebrated Valentine's Day a little early this year, since we will be out of town for the actual V-day and I picked us up a bottle of champagne, some chocolate-covered strawberries, and we rented a movie from iTunes in front of the fire. It was so simple, but so nice to relax and enjoy each other's company.

Well, or Bradley Cooper's company, since he was the actor in the movie. But either way, don't be afraid to enjoy the simplest of date nights. Sometimes, those are the most special. And if you're looking for something new to watch, you can browse what's new on Netflix this month for some ideas.

How do you plan on spending Valentine's Day this year?

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