10 Homemade Gifts Walkers Will Love

Nothing says love like a homemade gift. Show the walker in your life how much you appreciate them with these homemade gifts that will celebrate and enhance their walking lives.

Walking Memory Quilt

Walking Memory Quilt - Patches
Bea Hait

This homemade gift will require cooperation from your intended recipient, or extra sneakiness on your part. Obtain their race and club t-shirts or patches to create a memory quilt or pillows. You will need quilting know-how and enough lead time to produce the quilt. You can create a personalized quilt without doing it all yourself by finding a local quilter to hire or using a company such as CampusQuilt.com to do the actual quilting.


Hiking Stick with Cane Shields
Wendy Bumgardner © 2008

For walkers who enjoy natural trails, a good walking stick can make the miles fly by. You can make a personal walking stick with a minimum of crafting know-how. Then use your carving or decorating skills to personalize it. You can carve or burn their name or slogan into the stick. Cane shields, also known as stick medallions, are available from U.S. National Parks and many state and local parks to celebrate the trekking life. You can add beads, a leather thong, metal studs and other items to decorate and personalize the stick. If you love the idea but lack the time and talent, Ms. Sticks can do it for you.



Trail Mix
Wendy Bumgardner © 2008

Browse the bulk food bins at your supermarket for raisins, peanuts, and other dried fruit or nuts. Trail mix is the original energy snack, with nuts providing protein and healthy oils and dried fruit providing carbohydrate energy. Add M&Ms or carob chips for a chocolate burst if your recipient can't do without it. Add pizazz with the way you package and present the trail mix. A plastic zip-lock bag may be functional but just won't say "gift." Fill a reusable water bottle with the trail mix as a two-fer gift.



Homemade Sports Drink Mix
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If your walker trains for the half marathon or marathon, she needs a sports drink to rehydrate and replace lost body salt. Dry sports drink mix lets her mix it herself on the go in a reusable water bottle for a fraction of the cost of bottled sports drinks. All you need is sugar, salt, and powdered unsweetened drink mixes such as lemonade mix or Kool-Aid. Package it in small zip-lock bags in portions perfect for a single water bottle of sports drink. You can tie these together with a festive bow and instructions for mixing.


Knit Something

Knit Cardigan
Wendy Bumgardner © 2008

Knitting is all the rage once again. Put your needles to good use to knit a hat, scarf or mittens for your walker. It is wise to find out what design and materials your walker might prefer. You don't want to knit a gorgeous cap for somebody whose hates getting hat hair, or use wool when your walker finds it too scratchy.

Photo Scrapbooks

Walking Scrapbook
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Gather together photos, trail maps and other memorabilia of your walker's walking life and create a scrapbook or framed photo montage. If you lack the skills to wield scissors and mounting tape, you may want to create a digital scrapbook.

Personalized Walking Calendar

Personalized Calendar
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My husband uses Shutterfly online to create a personal calendar for me each year. He uploads photos of the great places we have walked and annotates the important dates. If you have a color printer and calendar software, you could create and print a calendar at home. Select a heavier weight of paper or card stock to make the calendar durable.
How to Make a Calendar

Homemade Bath Salts and Spa Items

Bath Salts
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A soak and skin pampering after a good walk is a true pleasure. You can make bath salts cheaply and easily and put them in an attractive bottle. This is a thoughtful gift for someone who is sensitive to fragrances. You can make them fragrance-free or add essential oils that your walker isn't allergic to.

Award Display

Framed Volkssport Medals
Wendy Bumgardner © 2008

If your walker has a series of medals, pins or certificates from their walking races and events, collect them and mount them in a display frame or on a banner or sash. This will be a lasting memory of their walking life. Start with an inexpensive shadow box.

Decorate a Shirt or Hat

Embroidered Logo on Jacket
Wendy Bumgardner © 2008

Shop for sales and discounts to find a technical fabric t-shirt at a good price, or a plain running hat. Use your favorite crafty decorating method to add a personal design your walker will appreciate. Fabric paint, applique, custom iron-on transfers, embroidery, sequins, beads, and tie-dye can all be used to personalize the item. Be sure that anything that sticks out from the fabric, such as beads and sequins, is placed in an area where it won't irritate or scratch while your walker is walking. It's best to keep it simple and use a method that will stand up to machine washing. Be sure to research how your decorating method will perform on the fabric chosen.

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