Homemade Halloween Costumes for Girls

Halloween is just around the corner. Does your tween need a costume idea for Halloween or for a party? We have five Halloween costumes for girls that are easy to make and fun to wear.


What's cooler than being a chef? Part of the fun of dressing up is pretending to be something or someone you admire. This chef costume is simple to put together, and comfortable to wear trick-or-treating or to a party. And if your tween really wants to make an impression, she can handout homemade goodies to her friends and neighbors, compliments of the chef.


Be a Fortune Teller

"I see great things in your future!" Putting together a fortune teller costume requires nothing more than raiding a few closets and collecting plastic jewelry. And what fun your tween will have telling fortunes, handing out tarot cards, and predicting the future. This is a great costume idea for extroverted girls.


A costume idea for any girl who dreams of becoming a star. Simply grab a formal dress, some hairspray, jewelry, and a sash and you're Miss America for the day. Don't forget that dazzling smile, and your wish for world peace, of course.


Dress Like a Housewife

We all know housewives don't really dress this way, but it's fun just the same to cave into the stereotype of the mom in bathrobe and slippers, curlers in her hair. Top the outfit off with a prop or two, such as a plastic coffee mug your tween can use for punch, or just to carry around from house to house while trick-or-treating.

Become a Roman Goddess

Another easy to make Halloween costume using supplies from around the house. You may need to cut the white sheet you use to make the toga, so that your tween doesn't trip while walking. Forget about wearing sneakers with this costume, sandals are a must.


You shouldn't have to buy anything new for this costume. Just grab a few items from your closet and your mom's make-up drawer, and you're ready to go.


Make a Pirate Costume

There's no reason you can't dress-up like a pirate. This costume is easy to assemble, and it's easy on your budget, too.

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