Hormones and Weight Loss

Your hormones levels can make weight loss harder or easier

Dieters often struggle in the battle between hormones and weight loss. Are you one of them? If so, you already know what to eat to lose weight. You probably even know how much food you should eat to lose weight. But you feel like your body is constantly sending signals to eat more of the wrong foods.

Those signals probably come from hormones. There are female hormones, male hormones and hunger hormones that can affect your ability to lose weight. Find out more about all of the different hormones for weight loss and what you can do to manage them for good.

hormones and weight loss
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You many have heard about a hunger hormone called ghrelin or another one called leptin that can help you eat less. But there are many hormones for weight loss that you've probably never heard of. Find out what they are and how to control them to eat less and get the body you deserve.


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Aging expert and New York City endocrinologist Dr. Florence Comite explains how hormones work in your body in middle age. She shares eleven smart tips to help you lose weight and stay lean in mid life and beyond.


Ghrelin the hunger hormone
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Ghrelin is often called the hunger hormone because it sends signals to your brain to eat more. Dieters struggle with high ghrelin levels that make them feel hungry. Find out if ghrelin blockers work and what you can do to control this hormone for weight loss.


leptin for weight loss
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Not all hormonal changes are bad. Sometimes, hormones and weight loss work together. The hormone leptin is a perfect example. Find out how it helps you to eat less and how you can boost leptin levels in your body to slim down. 


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You've read about this hormone in magazines and on television. But can cortisol really make you fat? Sports Nutrition Expert, Darla Leal explains the stress, cortisol and fat connection to help you slim down and get the body you deserve.


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Most women know it's coming. As we get older our bodies begin to change. And most of us gain weight. So is there anything you can do or are you doomed to get bigger? Find out how hormones cause your body to change and what you can do about it to stay lean for life.


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Men (and women) often hear that a testosterone supplement may help them gain a leaner, tighter physique. But is this hormone supplement really helpful? Men's Health Expert  explains everything you need to know about taking a testosterone supplement.


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