Hospital Central Service Professionals Salary Survey Results

A Closer Look at the Breakdown of Healthcare Central Service Salaries Nationwide

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Central service professionals wield considerable power to affect healthcare organizations' efforts to cut costs, improve productivity, and improve quality of care and outcomes. With medical supplies comprising a hefty share of budgets, much of the pressure to improve care quality while simultaneously cutting costs plays out directly through these professionals. It would be expected that the salaries for central service professionals reflect the increasing load of responsibility they have shouldered since the mid-2000's.

Let's shed some light on how salaries report out across the country in this career field.

The Salary Survey Results

"Healthcare Purchasing News" conducted a salary survey at the beginning of 2013. Here is a look at the numbers, carved up in a variety of ways.

Average Salary by Job Function

Though job titles can vary from organization to organization, some of the most common central service positions and functions share similar job titles. Here are the average reported salaries for these job functions according to the survey:

  • Central Supply Director: $83,111
  • Central Supply Manager: $68,859
  • Sterile Processing Department Manager/Director: $67,976
  • Educator: $56, 071
  • Central Supply Supervisor: $48,184
  • Central Supply Technician/Coordinator: $36,545
  • Lead Central Supply Technician: $34,540
  • Surgical Instrument Tech: $29,300

Salary by Number of Beds

Central service professionals salaries are not only dictated by their job functions but also by the facility or healthcare organization itself.

For instance, the number of beds in a hospital (which is an indicator of facility size and capacity) can impact their pay as well. Here's how the number of beds affected average salary figures in the results of the survey:

  • Over 1000 beds: $86,625
  • 750-999 beds: $68,500
  • 500-749 beds: $59,346
  • 400-499 beds: $59,083
  • 300-399 beds: $62, 607
  • 200-299 beds: $51,158
  • 100-199 beds: $45,431
  • 50-99 beds: $53,045
  • 26-49 beds: $33,300
  • 0-25 beds: $40,900

Salary by Type of Facility

In addition to the number of beds in the facility, the type of facility also seems to impact average salaries:

  • Integrated Delivery Network, Alliance, or Multi-group: $66,857
  • Hospital, standalone: $51,120
  • Hospital, teaching facility: $58,000
  • Clinic or Group Practice: $53,500

Salary by Region and Gender

RegionAverage Male SalaryAverage Female Salary

While it may not be a surprise that in most cases males are paid higher than their female counterparts because of the history of pay scales in the U.S., the difference in the Mountain and Southeast regions are quite large. This may possibly be explained by the survey respondents and where they work.

For example, in the Southeast, the males that responded may have been managers and directors from the largest hospitals in their respective regions, while the female respondents may have been either in management in small hospitals or lower-ranking supervisors in mid-sized hospitals.

Salary by Education and Gender

Level of EducationAverage Male SalaryAverage Female Salary
High School$44,705$41,786
Associate's Degree$53,900$47,944
Bachelor's Degree$68,591$71,574
Post-Graduate Degree$81,286$55,000

Salary by Age and Gender

75% of the respondents were female and 25% were male.

Age RangeAverage Male SalaryAverage Female Salary
Ages 66-70$69,500$50,628
Ages 61-65$54,929$55,750
Ages 56-60$63,500$54,269
Ages 51-55$55,000$48,615
Ages 46-50$62,167$51,833
Ages 41-45$73,100$51,667
Ages 36-40$79,000$35,100
Ages 31-35$37,500$43,300
Ages 26-30$43,500$29,000

Salary by Years in Central Sterile Career

  • Less than 2: $51,167
  • 2 to 4: $50,200
  • 5 to 9: $55,350
  • 10 to 14: $57,540
  • 15 to 19: $51,750
  • 20 to 24: $46,500
  • More than 25: $55,375

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