The Chillow Pillow: Cooler Than the Other Side of the Pillow

Soothe Hot Flashes With This Simple Fix

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A Chillow is like having a small waterbed for your head and shoulders, helping you get to sleep and alleviate hot flashes. The soft exterior is immediately cooling to the skin and feels like memory foam inside. The Chillow cools using water, which rarely needs to be changed and is easy to do. Though the Chillow provides major relief to those suffering hot flashes, it also soothes back aches, sore feet, fever, sunburn and migraines.


  • Effectively cools hot flashes, sunburn and back pain
  • Well-sealed, puncture-proof vinyl envelope filled with memory foam and cool water
  • Secure valve, leakproof vinyl, non-slip surface
  • Cools all night without batteries or noise
  • Easy to drain and pack in your suitcase


  • Effectively wicks away hot flash heat from your head and shoulders
  • Fits inside a standard pillowcase
  • Cools you with water and needs no batteries
  • Needs little maintenance
  • Cooling action works all night


  • If Chillow is refrigerated, it becomes a little bit stiff, but the extra coolness is worth it

About the Chillow

The Chillow is a slim, well-sealed, vinyl envelope filled with memory foam, and holds water and has a very secure valve. One side has a non-slip surface, so it won’t wander away from your pillow during the night. The other side is plain vinyl. I find that I get the most comfort when I use the Chillow with the plain side up, covered by a small towel and tucked into my pillow.

My First Experience With the Chillow

I filled the Chillow with bottled water to reduce the chances of mold, swept the air bubbles towards the valve and secured it. It already felt cool. I put the Chillow in my pillowcase and was very happy with how well it captured my hot flash heat without reflecting that heat back to me.

My body heat was drawn into the Chillow’s water-filled memory foam and sent out the back of the vinyl envelope. It stayed cool all night long.

Cooler Than the Other Side of the Pillow

During the summertime I like to roll my Chillow in a towel and refrigerate it during the day. It becomes a little stiff, but as soon as it's in my pillowcase it becomes an oasis of cool that cuts off my hot flashes. If I turn my Chillow vertically it can cool my head, neck and shoulders. Sleep is so much easier when I've got the Chillow cooling my hot flashes.

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I purchased a Chillow and tested it personally. I was not reimbursed for my purchase, and have kept the product and still use it.