Top 10 Pregnancy and Baby-Related Pinterest Pins

May 2015

Pinterest is a lovely way to increase your knowledge about pregnancy in a very fluid way. You can search one topic and quickly wind up reading about something that hadn't even occurred to you to look at in your current pregnancy. I love this about Pinterest. Here are some of the most popular things people looked at on my Pinterest Feed in May 2015.


Newborn Baby
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 These are the latest most popular boy's names from the recent Social Security Administration's look at birth certificate data. These names represent the most popular names throughout the United States for boys. Is your favorite name on here?



Baby Girl in Hat
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As you can image, the top girl's names was also wildly popular. It comes from the same data. This is probably very popular this month because it was just released.



Squatting in Labor
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This is an infographic that lists what the benefits are for laboring out of bed by comparing it to labor in bed. This is something that most people don't even really think about prior to labor, but being upright and moving around can actually make labor shorter and less painful.



Man and pregnant woman relaxing in bed in early labor
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Yes, sex is something that most pregnant women do at some point in pregnancy. The thing is, what you experience about sex in pregnancy changes. This is an infographic that talks about the changes that your body goes through by each trimester in terms of your sexuality and feelings about sex.



A new mother with postpartum depression.
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Postpartum anxiety isn't anything to sneeze at and most people haven't even heard about it. Many moms don't have the symptoms of depression, and therefore don't know to seek treatment. But postpartum anxiety can happen more frequently than postpartum depression. Do you know what to look for after your baby is born?



Early pregnancy ultrasound with amnoicenetsis
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Want to know what to expect shortly after your pregnancy test turns positive? This pin will give you a lot of information about how to deal with everything that happens in the first trimester. From talking about how your baby grows, to common concerns, tips for morning sickness, and what prenatal care looks like in the early months - this link will help.



Boy and Girl Babies Eating Cake
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Interested in having a boy your next pregnancy? Here are a few ways that you can increase the odds of having a son. (And if you'd prefer to have a baby girl, you can also find tips on having a girl as well.)



Babies in a hospital nursery
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This is a look at everything that your new baby will have done in the first few hours after birth if born in a hospital. What choices do you have? With whom should you speak? This infographic can help you prepare for your baby's birth and devise a postpartum birth plan.



Pregnant woman in pain on a ball
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Have you ever heard of Braxton Hicks Contractions? These are "practice" contractions that occur throughout pregnancy, but are felt most often towards the end of pregnancy. They can be uncomfortable.



Couple at Childbirth Class
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This is a fun infographic that can be used simply as something you print out and take with you when you have your baby, or it can be used to help you prepare for labor. It also makes a great baby shower game. You simply use the chart as an answer key.


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