Top 11 Hot Weather Walking Essentials

Beat the heat with hot weather walking items that will help you walk cooler. I start at the top - a good hat to keep the sun off my head, and a neck cooler. I use an anti-chafing product on my underarms and I'm prepared for foot blisters. Then I dress in fabrics that wick sweat away from my body. And I carry enough water and/or sports drink to stay hydrated.


Any cowboy will tell you to soak your bandana in water and tie it around your neck to keep you cooler. This active cooling collar takes it a step further. Soak this collar in water and when you put it on, evaporative cooling goes into overdrive to keep you up to 20 degrees Fahrenheit cooler than the surrounding air. It comes with a tube to store it in. After you use it, you can wash it the washing machine to keep it clean. I not only like it for hot weather walks, it also works great to quell hot flashes.


Water stays cooler longer in this high tech insulated sports water bottle. Camelbak claims it stays cool four times longer than regular bottles and twice as long as other insulated bottles, all without adding any weight or bulk. But I best appreciate Jet Valve that self-closes after you take a drink, plus the positive lockoff switch to ensure it doesn't leak. The bottle is BPA-free and touts being "taste-free."


These hats cool more the more you sweat. In warm weather, wet the lining of the hat or visor. The PVA material allows the water to slowly evaporate and cool you, while the outer breathable material wicks sweat quickly away to evaporate and cool. Real X Gear makes caps, visors and straw sun hats with this cooling technology.


These hats keep your head cooler by incorporating cooling polymer into the Omni-Freeze ZERO fabric in the sweatband. They turbocharge the sweat of your brow to produce a cooling effect. This works best in climates with lower humidity. They come in a ballcap style, a visor, and in the Cachalot hat which has a bill and a neck drape. I liked the ballcap as a good walking cap with a stiff bill to keep my face shaded and UPF 50 sun protection in the cap to protect my scalp. If you aren't sweating, it is just a great hat. If you are sweating, you will feel the cooling effect.


Use BodyGlide anywhere you are likely to chafe or blister - underarms, thighs, crotch, bra, chest, nipples, feet. Chafing occurs when you sweat and then skin or clothing rubs against the area, turning your sweat salt crystals into sandpaper that rubs you raw. BodyGlide goes on like a deodorant stick and is petroleum-free. They have different formulations, and some are fragrance-free.


Bamboo fiber clothing has great sweat-wicking performance and can leave you cooler than many other fabrics. It is incredibly soft and comfortable at the same time. I've switched to tasc Performance sports bras and I love their shirts. They have shirts, shorts, capris and pants for both men and women.


This pack is ideal for carrying just enough on a fast endurance walk or run or on marathon day. The slanted access makes it easy to get to your water without breaking stride. The zippered pocket is small, best suited for keys and minimal ID. It comes in a single bottle or dual bottle version. The bottle has a kicker valve so it is easy to use with no leaks, and the mouth is big enough for adding ice.


Crystals inside these stylish bandannas absorb water and keep your neck cool through evaporation. It's real walk-saver on hot weather walks.


You are more likely to get foot blisters in hot weather, as heat and sweat soften your skin. You can use BodyGlide or other lubricants in advance to help prevent them, but it's wise to be prepared for blisters.I like having a kit that has all of the essentials packed up nice and small and ready to use to treat a blister.


Keep your head happy - cool, dry, and shielded from the sun - with the perfect hat for long hot walking days. The neck drape keeps you from becoming a redneck, and it is sporty enough for both men and women.


This is an insulated frozen gel pack you wear on your hand to help cool your core temperature. It's light in weight and provides just the right amount of cooling.


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