Self-Confidence and Teens: How a Confident Teen Acts

Ten Ways a Teen with Self-Confidence Will Act

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While the teen years are a time of identity searching and thereby some self-doubt, there are characteristics of self-confidence that confident teens show. Here are ten ways a teen with self-confidence will act:

1.) Confident teens look people in the eye when talking with them.

2.) A confident teen - while they may be the ones who try unique teen styles and fads - has good hygiene habits and cares about what their appearance says to others.

3.) A teen is showing confidence when they share ideas with their class, club or group.

4.) A confident teen is able steer clear of harmful situations and to say no to peers when they need to. This doesn't mean that they will begin to give their friends lectures on the differences between right and wrong. They just tend to be able to avoid the bad behaviors of their peers.

5.) On a normal basis, a confident teen has a ready smile.

6.) A teen will show their confidence when making plans for the future. These teens tend to know where they want to go(to college, to technical school, into the health fields, etc.) even if they don't know exactly what they want to do.

7.) A confident teen doesn't show-off their accomplishments. While they may be proud of themselves and tell you about something good that has happened, they aren't ostentatious.

8.) Confident teens don't beat themselves up over a mistake. They look for ways to fix their mistakes and will change how they handle a situation the next time around.

9.) Confident teens find things they love to do by not being afraid to try new things. They are the teens that tend to get themselves over scheduled.

10.) A teen is showing their confidence when they are willing to help those around them. When you help someone, you make a statement about how you feel on whatever it is you are doing. It takes confidence to do this.

Please do not make a mistake and think your teen is not confident if they do not act like all of these characteristics all of the time. Adolescence is about the ups and downs of becoming who you are and situational circumstances can make the most confident teen act unsure at any time.

Quick Links: Quiz: How confident is your teen? | Building Confidence in Teens

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