How A Teen Couldn't Read Pt. 2

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During her second grade year Suzy's teachers became very concerned about how far behind Suzy was in reading.  The financial strain from her father's illness had become so great that Suzy's family lost their home and moved in with her father's parents, in another city.  Because the family had moved quickly due to financial strain, they were able to enroll immediately into the local school at the new area.

  Suzy increased her acting out in the classroom in an effort to avoid  her inability to read from being discovered.  Suzy's teacher's didn't know if she was acting up because of moving, her sick father, low skills, or all of the above. 

Jack still teased Suzy at home about her reading, but he loved Suzy and hated to see her get into trouble with teachers.  Jack would do Suzy's homework sheets for her.  He told her answers and what to write on her worksheets.  Jack thought he was helping, but really by giving the answers without teaching Suzy, he kept her from learning the basic skills she had missed early on.

Suzy was moved into a remedial reading group since she did poorly on her in class tests.  Yet between Jack's telling her the answers on her homework and finding ways to avoid doing any reading at school, Suzy managed to slip right through the grades.  As Suzy got older, acting up in class turned into the best way to avoid reading, and having her secret discovered.

  When it came close to time to read, Suzy would pick arguments with other students and the teacher.  She often found her self sitting alone and spent a lot of time in the principal's office. 

Suzy's father's cancer did eventually go into remission.  By the time Suzy was in the fifth grade, her father was well enough that he began to look for another job.

   During sixth grade, Suzy's first year of middle school, the family moved into a home nearby their grandparent's where they had been living.  Suzy's parents were happy that their children didn't have to change school districts again. 

Suzy's middle school teacher's saw her only for an hour each day.  Although her teacher's noticed that Suzy had a lot of trouble keeping up with her work, what they really noticed was Suzy's behavior.  Suzy was constantly getting into trouble, and she fell far behind in her school work.

One day Suzy's science teacher had the class open their textbooks to take turns reading out loud.  The teacher didn't plan to call on Suzy, since the teacher knew that Suzy was low and might be embarrassed to read out loud.  Suzy didn't know that, and when she was told to open her book she threw a paper airplane straight into the teacher's face.  To top it all off, Suzy stood up, pointed and laughed as hard as she could.  The teacher sent Suzy straight to the Assistant Principal's office.


The Assistant Principal - Mr. Shaw - tried to get a hold of Suzy's parents on the phone.  Both parent's were busy at work and unable to answer their phones that day.  Mr. Shaw was stuck with Suzy for the rest of the day, another two and a half hours.  Mr. Shaw decided this would be a great time to sit with Suzy and make sure she got some of her missing homework assignments done.  He thought he would start with her science reading.  Suzy refused to open her book, so Mr. Shaw opened the book for her and set it in front of her.  Suzy threw the book on the floor.  Mr. Shaw picked the book up and put it back.  He calmly told Suzy they still had a few hours together and he was going to do whatever it took to help Suzy get her work done.  Suzy began to cry, and told Mr. Shaw she couldn't read.

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