How Big Is Your Baby?

Compare the Size of Your Baby to Common Foods

4th Week of Pregnancy

Mustard Seed - 4th week of pregnancy
Single Mustard Seed. Photo © John Madden/Getty Images

Watching your baby grow through pregnancy is a fun way to pass the long nine months. Though sometimes it's really hard to translate all the inches, centimeters, crown to rump lengths etc. So here is a handy chart of common things to help you understand just how big your baby is now during your pregnancy.

There will be slight differences in everyone's growth and fetal development. Any problems should be reported to your care provider.

At only four weeks past your last period, your baby is as big as a mustard seed. A pregnancy test would be positive starting this week of pregnancy. And if you had an ultrasound towards the end of the week you could see a gestational sac.

Source: Heppard, M and Garite, T. Acute Obstetrics. Mosby Year Book. 1992.

5th Week of Pregnancy

Pomegranite on table
Single Pomengranate Seed. Thanasis Zovoilis/Moment Open/Getty Images

While a pomegranate seed doesn't seem to be very large, compared to week 4, your baby has grown a lot! The big news this week is that your baby's heart will begin to beat, but even with the most sensitive ultrasound, a transvaginal ultrasound, you typically can't see the heart beat yet, but you can see a yolk sac.

6th Week of Pregnancy

Black eyed peas
Single Black Eyed Pea. Alejandro Rivera/E+/Getty Images

This week the placenta really starts forming, but won't take full control of the pregnancy until the end of the first trimester. In bigger news, you can see arm and leg buds beginning!

7th Week of Pregnancy

Cranberry - 7th Week of Pregnancy
Single Cranberry. Photo © Paula Thomas/Getty Images

It's hard to believe that something the size of a single cranberry can make you feel so tired or sick. Is your face breaking out too? Ultrasound will show your baby's heart beating this week and the newest development is rudimentary hands.

8th Week of Pregnancy

Raspberry - 8th Week of Pregnancy
Single Raspberry. Photo © Sandra Arduini/Getty Images

Your baby is moving on his or her own, but it's still too early for you to feel it in most cases. Soon you're even going to be able to count the finger and toe rays that your baby is busy growing this week. How are you feeling?

9th Week of Pregnancy

Brussel Sprouts - 9th Week of Pregnancy
Single Brussel Sprout. Photo © Catherine MacBride/Getty Images

Your baby now has testes or ovaries, depending on if the baby is a girl or a boy. While it will still be weeks before you could tell, it's nice to know there is something going on in there. Still lots of wiggling and moving. Your baby weighs a whole gram.

10th Week of Pregnancy

10th week of pregnancy - pecan
Pecan. Photo © Bill Noll/Getty Images

Your baby's tail is gone! And the upper lip has formed. Other than that baby has been gaining weight and now weighs as much as four paper clips, that's four grams. That's about the size of a pecan.

11th Week of Pregnancy

Bowl of dates
Date. Jasmina/E+/Getty Images

Your baby has a really big head - constituting about half his or her body size. This might look odd if you see it on ultrasound, but it will change as your baby grows. Though even at birth the head will be a large proportion of the baby's body. In other news, your baby has fingernails.

12th Week of Pregnancy

12th Week of Pregnancy - Clementine
Clementine. Photo © Isabel Pavia/Getty Images

Your baby is as big as a clementine, also known as Cuties. Using a doppler, your doctor or midwife should be able to hear your cutie's heart beat around this time. It's a great feeling, no? Your baby's brain is also finalizing structures that are present at birth, but there's a lot still to be done.

13th Week of Pregnancy

Asian pears
Asian Pear. Chris Leschinsky/The Image Bank/Getty Images

Your baby and the placenta weigh about an ounce each. So while your baby may be about the size on Asian pear, but weight wise, it's a different feel. All 20 baby teeth have formed. But more importantly, you're in the second trimester!

14th Week of Pregnancy

14th Week of Pregnancy - Apricot
Apricot. Photo © Alexandra Pavlova/Getty Images

Did you know that your baby can practice breathing in the amniotic fluid? It's pretty amazing. He or she is busy moving around, but it's still a bit early to feel your baby. At about five inches long, your baby is about as big as this apricot.

15th Week of Pregnancy

Apple orchard
Apple. laura a. watt/Moment/Getty Images

So your baby is about as big as an apple, does that mean that you're nearly in maternity clothes? Interestingly enough, your baby's hair pattern is forming. All those scalp swirls and cowlicks...

16th Week of Pregnancy

16th Week of Pregnancy - Starfruit
Starfruit. Photo © Derek E. Rothchild/Getty Images

The starfruit is about the size of your baby this week, and starry-eyed might explain how you feel about finding out the sex of your baby. A few lucky parents will be able to tell this soon, but many will have to wait...

17th Week of Pregnancy

Rutabaga - 17th Week of Pregnancy
Rutabaga. Photo © Ha Huynh/Getty Images

Your baby now weighs more than the placenta. At birth, the baby will be seven times the weight of the average placenta. While no new structures have formed your baby can his or her thumb.

18th Week of Pregnancy

Artichoke - 18th Week of Pregnancy
Artichoke. Photo © Jamie Grill/Getty Images

Your baby now has finger prints developing which are unique to your baby, even if he or she is a twin. The bones are also continuing to harden or ossify. How are you feeling?

19th Week of Pregnancy

Woman holding a mango
Mango. Jonelle Weaver/The Image Bank/Getty Images

Your baby's permanent teeth are forming behind those baby teeth and their body is covered in a fine hair called lanugo. It probably feels like you have a large mango in your belly right now. Your baby weighs about as much as 227 paper clips or 8 ounces.

You'll notice that the mangoes in the photo are all slightly different sizes. The first few month and weeks of pregnancy, most babies are really close in size to one another. After this week, genetics and other factors can play a bigger part in how big your baby is when measured.

20th Week of Pregnancy

Carrot. Foodcollection RF/Getty Images

If you have a special ultrasound this week, you might find out that your baby is about as long as a carrot. You might also have the opportunity to find out if you're having a girl or a boy. Will you find out or be surprised?

21st Week of Pregnancy

Bok Choy
Bok Choy. bgwalker/E+/Getty Images

Are you settling into the second half of your pregnancy? Remember, your baby is continuing to grow, and that may differ from mom to mom, baby to baby, and even pregnancy to pregnancy. (Shout out to all of the second or more time moms!)

Your baby weighs just under a pound at this point and can still stretch out like bok choy. It is not unusual to not feel your first baby yet. Hang in there, any week now.

22nd Week of Pregnancy

Bell peppers
Bell Pepper. Andrei Spirache/Photographer's Choice/Getty Images

23rd  Week of Pregnancy

Baskets of fresh sweet potatoes for sale
Sweet Potato. Joe Fox/Photographer's Choice RF/Getty Images

Your baby is growing and thriving. Space is getting a bit more tight but baby will show you a thing or two. At just over a pound, you might even be able to feel some of the acrobatics!

24th Week of Pregnancy

24th Week of Pregnancy - Celery Stalk
Celery. Photo © James McQuillan/Getty Images

Your baby doesn't really stretch out much, which is hard to tell by the amount of movement that you're probably feeling. But if he or she were to stretch out, that would be about the length of celery stalk. Think about that at the next trip down the grocery aisle. This is also known as the week of viability - a HUGE milestone, but still, even week in your uterus is a good week.

To find out more about your baby this week, see:

25th Week of Pregnancy

25th Week of Pregnancy - Small Cabbage
Cabbage. Photo © Thomas Winz/Getty Images

Did you know that your baby's bones are starting to harden? This process is called ossification. It is not complete until after birth.

26th Week of Pregnancy

Zucchini. Michael Grindley/E+/Getty Images

It's getting pretty cramped this week, but if baby could stretch out - think zucchini.

27th Week of Pregnancy

27th Week of Pregnancy Yucca
Yuca. Photo © Foodcollection RF/Getty Images

Your baby can weigh as much as two pounds at this point - that's a huge accomplishment. There is more amniotic fluid being made.

28th Week of Pregnancy

28th Week of Pregnancy - Cauliflower
Cauliflower. Photo © Moment Open/Getty Images

Your curled up baby can flash his or her new eye lashes at you now. And at week 28, baby is starting to curl up tightly and turn head down, the typical position for babies during birth. Imagine a big head of cauliflower all nestled deep in your pelvis.

29th Week of Pregnancy

Pregnant woman and husband
StA-gur Karlsson/E+/Getty Images

Your baby is now making their own red blood cells. It's a huge step in their development.

30th Week of Pregnancy

Eggplant. Manuela Krause/E+/Getty Images

Have you noticed that sometimes your uterus feels hard if you accidentally brush your hand of your belly. This is called a Braxton Hicks Contraction. These are typically harmless but if you can time them, you may want to watch for signs of preterm labor.

31st  Week of Pregnancy

Little girl listening to mother's pregnant belly
sot/Digital Vision/Getty Images

You might find that your ribs are sore! This is because your baby is growing and your uterus has to expand upwards. It's also interesting to note that the baby's irises can now dilate and contract in response to light. And the uterus is not a completely dark place.

32nd Week of Pregnancy

Small pumpkin in hands
Baking Pumpkin. Shay Thomason Photography/Moment Open/Getty Images

If you feel like your baby is a small pumpkin in your belly, you'd be right! That heaviness you feel is fairly normal, and despite the feeling of heaviness, your baby isn't going to fall out. Pelvic tilts can be helpful at relieving that discomfort of late pregnancy.

33rd Week of Pregnancy

Did you know you're carrying around about two pints of amniotic fluid? And your baby is about four pounds right now. That's pretty cool.

34th Week of Pregnancy

34th Week of Pregnancy - Watermelon
Small Watermelon. Photo © Sarah Palmer/Getty Images

At this point in pregnancy, you may notice more "practice" contractions, also known as Braxton Hicks Contractions. These might be noticed as a tightening in your abdomen, and are generally not painful. though can be uncomfortable. Sometimes, first time moms, only notice them as they reach down to touch their belly. Did you know that your baby urinates up to a pint a day! Holy bladder, baby!

35th Week of Pregnancy

bunch of spinach
James Ross/Digital Vision/Getty Images

Only five more weeks to go to get to 40! That's awesome and a huge accomplishment. It's normal to feel more tired. Baby is growing and settling. This may mean that baby nestles deeper into your pelvis - that makes it easier to breathe! (But now you have more pressure on your bladder.)

36th Week of Pregnancy

Large platter on pineapple
Pineapple. Kyle Rothenborg/Design Pics/Perspectives

Your baby is about as big as the body of a pineapple, all curled up now and getting ready for birth. While there aren't any new structures forming at this time, your baby's brain will see dramatic growth from now until around week 40. This growth helps them breathe and regulate their temperature after birth. So, this time is important.

37th Week of Pregnancy

37th Week of Pregnancy Jack Fruit
Jack Fruit. Photo © Fred Froese/Getty Images

Welcome to the early term period! While spontaneous labor would not be stopped at this point, it is not necessarily a safe period for the induction of labor. This could mean that your baby would have issues with breathing. That's why your doctor or midwife reserves induction for medical reasons.

38th Week of Pregnancy

38th Week of Pregnancy - Spaghetti Squash
Spaghetti Squash. Photo © Teubner/Getty Images

Your back may hurt and you haven't seen your feet in awhile. Have you thought about a pedicure? I consider that an important step in planning for baby's birth. You can also pack a bag if you haven't before. Baby is depositing brown fat this week - this helps baby stay out of the nursery and in your arms.

39th Week of Pregnancy

Pregnant woman holding belly
ImagesBazaar/Brand X Pictures/Getty Images

The 39th week of pregnancy is what we call the beginning of full term. Until this point, induction of labor without a medical indication is not allowed in many hospitals because of the risks to you and baby. Your baby isn't growing by leaps and bounds at this point, just putting on the finishing touches in brain development and their lungs.

40+ Weeks of Pregnancy

Watermelon. Frankhuang/E+/Getty Images

Just remember, that babies, like watermelons come in lots of shapes and sizes. The genetic makeup of you and your partner can have a lot to do with how big or small you baby is at birth. Though there aren't any good ways to tell how big your baby is before birth, not even ultrasound.

41st Week of Pregnancy

Pregnant woman holding belly
Rosemarie Gearhart/E+/Getty Images

The 41st week of pregnancy can be a lot of fun. Try scaring people when they ask you when you're due to have your baby. There is nothing more fun that exclaiming: "Last week!" Talk about clearing a room.

Some practitioners will want to talk to you about an induction of labor. If there isn't anything medically wrong with you or baby, the recommendation from the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists is to wait.

42nd Week of Pregnancy

42nd Week of Pregnancy - Large Pumpkin
Photo © Garry Gay/Getty Images

You have been incredibly patient. Your baby has grown well and you are healthy. Most midwives and doctors do not let you get to the 43rd week of pregnancy, but you're in the elite group of 42 weekers. Either you will go into labor spontaneously this week or you may be offered and induction of labor.

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