How Can They Have a Fit Body and Not Me?

How Do I Start Seeing Results?

 Getting fit can feel like a struggle especially if you’ve been working hard for weeks and not seeing outward results.  The fitness magazines and online images of “hot” bodies pinned to motivate you are now a source of frustration instead of empowerment.  How can they have a body like that and not me?  Why am I not seeing body changes like they have?  Am I the only one struggling with fitness results? These are very common questions so don’t feel alone in your struggle.  Whatever your fitness goal, it will take patience and application of the right methods that work best for you.  Everyone is different in lifestyle, body type, genetics, possible medical issues, and even age all playing a role in our ability to achieve results.  Let’s answer your question on what they may be doing differently and possible reasons you may not be achieving results.   

They Stay Away From Quick-Fix Scams

Fitness Results
Not Reaching Fitness Goals Feels So Frustrating. HeroImages/Getty Images

 You may have come into your training program believing drastic measures were required to change your body but this is far from the truth.  People serious about reaching fitness goals are looking for a long-term solution and not a temporary fix.   This means staying away from “fad” diets promising the body of your dreams in 3-weeks.  Fitness in a bottle does not exist and it will be important for you to remain mentally strong and resist the temptation to fall for gimmicks.  Allow yourself at least 12-weeks to see realistic goals and according to a recent study by the British Journal of Sports Medicine that amount of time significantly improves body fat mass and percentage.  The following article on “What Newbies Need to Know about Getting Lean” will recharge your motivation and get you back on track: 

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They Don’t Cut Calories to Reach Fitness Goals

Don't Cut Calories to Reach Fitness Goals
Don't Cut Calories to Reach Fitness Goals. Klaus Vedfelt Taxi/Getty Images

 You may have started your fitness program restricting too many calories throwing your body into a state of starvation.   I know it sounds weird, but the right amount of healthy calories coupled with your workouts burns fat calories off your body.  Achieving goals means eating for the muscle you want and the fat you want to lose.  The people you're admiring are consuming enough calories to achieve a sculpted physique and ensure their body is functioning at optimum levels in and out of the gym.  The linked article on “Why You May Need More Calories” will provide a fresh perspective to your fitness program:

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They are Movers and Shakers with Their Physique Goals

Get Motivated
Time to Get Motivated!. Stanton j Stephens Image Source/Getty Images

 Did you start your fitness program with a high drive and start tapering off?  Sometimes it’s hard to take an honest look at ourselves and we hide all evidence of not following through.  The food journal gets tossed in the side table drawer, and the scheduled workouts are replaced with whatever comes up.  If you want results, it will take a daily commitment to make it happen.  You will need to become a mover and shaker with your physique goals like those you want to mimic.  Now is a great time to re-evaluate your training program and read the following article on “5 Things You Can Do Right Now to Reach Your Fitness Goals:”  

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They Don’t Obsess Over Their Body

Stress Reduction and Body Image
Time to Drop the Body Image Issues. ilbusca E+/Getty Images

 Another important thing to remember is not to stress about your training program and become so obsessed it feels like a burden.  Believe it or not, those people you are swooning over are not consumed by body image and are too busy thinking about their next healthy meal.  Stress is just another way to release additional hormones like cortisol into your system and linked to weight gain.   We already deal with enough daily stress to add obsession to our plate.  The following article on “The Stress, Cortisol and Fat Connection” is not only informative but provides tips on reducing stress and cortisol release: 

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They Don’t Stress About Food Guilt

Don't Stress About Food
Enjoy Occasional Treats without Food Guilt. Srdjana1 E+/Getty Images

 Food guilt is probably one of the biggest issues to overcome during your training program.  Social pressure is high to eat “perfect” all the time and this simply isn’t realistic nor lifetime maintainable.  It actually gets in the way of reaching your fitness goals.  Enjoying the occasional burger, pizza or brownie is called being human and part of a healthy, balanced life.  Mr. and Ms. Fitness are definitely enjoying a few cookies without guilt and so should you.  You will change your way of thinking after reading “How Food Guilt Affects Getting Fit” and better able to continue your program with a healthier outlook:

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They Train Smarter Not Harder

Train Smarter Not Harder
Learn to Train Smarter Not Harder. Erik Isakson Blend Images/Getty Images

 Having a tight and toned body doesn’t mean hours of huffing and puffing at the gym.  Have you been working out hard daily and sometimes hitting it twice?  Are you walking around completely fatigued and exhausted?  Well, you are probably doing too much, not allowing enough recovery time for your muscles, and causing stress overload on your body in general.  Our Sports Medicine Expert, Elizabeth Quinn, published a great article titled “8 Common Exercise Mistakes” and explains “once you start exercising with a real purpose, and pushing both your aerobic capacity and your strength, you will find your workouts take half the time and yield better results.”

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